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Grant and Ambel: A couple who plays together stays together

Grant Hinds and Ambel Barnard tell us the benefits of gaming as a couple

Grant Hinds
(Image: © Grant Hinds)

It's almost Valentine's Day and that means coming up with something special to do with your someone special. While buying your partner great presents is nice, doing something you love or something new together is always a great way to connect and have fun. 

That's why we spoke to gamer couple Grant Hinds and Ambel Barnard on their love for gaming as a couple and their recommendations for the best games to try out for your next date night.

Grant Hinds is a well-known professional gamer and South African YouTuber. His girlfriend Ambel Barnard is also big into the gaming scene and the two are proof that a couple that plays together, stays together. 

What is your favourite game to play as a couple? 

We love Gears of War but also recently discovered Unravel Two which is both an adorable and beautiful game. 

How do you avoid getting competitive with each other? 

We usually play co-op games and not against each other. Even if we do compete in a game like Hearthstone, for instance, it's more interesting to learn why your partner won and see how they progressed. We also make fun challenges like the one who loses cooks dinner or something similar. 

What is the best moment of playing a game together?

The best moment for us is when we band together to solve a complicated problem; we both have very different strengths in games, but we bring them together and it makes the entire experience interesting. We’re both not good at shooting and navigating agility courses, but we help each other – something that we do both in a game in real life.

How would you suggest convincing your partner to get involved in gaming? 

If you're dating someone who doesn't play or enjoy games then the best approach is to try a game that's easy and fun first. Throwing them into a competitive shooter or fast-moving game could put them off, especially if the success rate is low. I'd recommend a platform like one of the Mario games or even Mario Kart. Those games are easy to understand, fun, cute and a loss is just a lesson on how to do it better.

Grant and Ambel's favourite couple games

  1. Mario Kart or Mario Party
  2. Unravel Two
  3. Borderlands 2
  4. A Way Out
  5. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime 
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