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This plucky little Chromebook is Amazon’s best selling laptop - here’s what makes this early Black Friday deal so special

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Amazon has dropped the price of the Lenovo Chromebook C330 (81HY0000US), one of the headline laptops of 2021 and, for quite some time, the best selling laptop (and Chromebook) on the site.

But other than its price tag (just under $180 at the time of writing), what makes it so desirable ahead of Black Friday?

Lenovo Chromebook C330-2-in-1 convertible laptop

Lenovo Chromebook C330-2-in-1 convertible laptop $230.02 $179.99
Save $50.03 (22%) - This is a wonderful Chromebook for anyone looking for a portable and yet affordable Chrome OS laptop. Powered by a Mediatek CPU, it comes with 4GB of RAM, a touch display, 64GB eMMC storage and plenty of connectivity options.

1. It has a touchscreen

The Chromebook C330 is a 2-in-1 device, which means that its screen can turn almost 360 degrees to transform into a tablet, like the legendary Lenovo Yoga. There are very few laptops that can do that at this price, if any. 

2. It ships internationally

Given its size and price, this laptop can ship outside the US and is therefore an attractive option for a much wider audience. Assuming that you can live with the US keyboard, a UK customer can get the C330 for less (roughly £220) by buying it from Amazon US. Plus, you get double the memory.

3. It has tons of connectors

No proprietary ports here. You have a Type-C connector for data and charging, one that can also be used with docking stations, a plethora of USB adaptors with power delivery and even trickle charging using 2-gang wall plugs with USB connectors. There’s a full size HDMI that can output to 4K, a SD card slot, an audio connector and a full size USB 3.0 port.

4. It is solidly built

Aimed at the education market, the Lenovo C330 with its white plastic chassis is reminiscent of the first Netbook, the Asus EEE PC. It has one big hinge rather than two small ones, making it a bit more sturdy, plus its big bezels means it will withstand knocks better. We wouldn’t spill some coffee on it though.

5. You get 100GB of cloud storage for free

Bundled with the C330 is a free 12-month subscription to Google One worth $15.99/£15.99 per year, which also gives you 100GB of Google Drive storage (but no Google VPN). You can get the latter and a free Google Nest Hub by upgrading to the 2TB cloud storage for $79.99/£79.99 per year.

6. It’s compact, with a great battery life

With an 11.6-inch display, it’s no surprise that the device has a footprint about the size of an A4 sheet, with a thickness of 20mm and a weight of 1.2Kg. As for its battery life, the presence of an ARM-based processor (rather than an Intel one) may explain why it reaches up to 12 hours (according to our sister publication, Android Central). This makes it attractive even for those looking for SMBs looking for a business laptop.

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