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Spotify releases Premium holiday deal

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South Africans are spoilt for choice when it comes to Spotify deals. Now there's even more as Spotify has brought out a new Premium holiday offering. 

Spotify Premium gives you access to all your favourite music without the adverts found on the free version and with the ability to download and listen offline.

This new offer gives you three-months of the Premium plan at a once-off cost of R60.

The Premium package costs R59,99 a month usually so you're getting three months for the price of one.

This deal is aimed at bringing back previous Individual Premium Plan users who cancelled for one reason or another.  

To be eligible for this plan users must have cancelled their plan previously before October 17. 

To entice first time users and current free users into the Premium bubble, Spotify has an even better deal. Those who sign up before December 31 will get the first three months of their plan for free. Saving a total of R180. 

Leila Stein

Leila Stein is an experienced multimedia journalist and content producer with a special interest in data journalism. she is skilled in news writing, editing, online writing and multimedia content production and have a Bachelor of Journalism  from Rhodes University and an Honours in Historical Studies from University of Cape Town.