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MTN offers combo deal to prepaid customers

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MTN has launched a new bundle solution for prepaid customers. 

These MTN Combo offers combined voice and data bundles to buy together rather than separately.

MTN promises these bundles will be cheaper and better value for money than once-off buys.

Much like buying data and airtime, these bundles are offered on monthly, weekly and daily buys. Be sure to double check that you're buying the right bundle.

There's nothing more frustrating than buying the wrong thing when you're running out of data and need it most. 

A great added bonus of these bundles is that their allocations will roll-over if you buy another bundle before they expire, giving them a little extra life.

Monthly bundles 

The Monthly bundles range from  from 500MB + 30min for R49 (comprising 200MB Anytime, 200MB Night, 100MB Video and 30 all-Net minutes) to 90GB + 800min for only R999 (comprising 30GB Anytime, 30GB Night, 30GB Video and 800 all-Net minutes). 

Weekly bundles 

Weekly bundles range from 450MB + 30min for R25 (including 150MB Anytime, 150MB Night, 150MB Video and 15 all-Net minutes) to 15GB + 300min for only R229 (including 5GB Anytime, 5GB Night, 5GB Video, and 300 all-Net minutes).

Daily Bundles

Daily bundles range from 100MB + 8min for only R10 (comprising 50MB Anytime, 50MB Night and 8 all-Net minutes) to 3GB + 50mins for only R39 (comprising 1GB Anytime, 1GB Night, 1GB Video and 50 all-Net minutes). 

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