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Millions trust this service to store their passwords safely - and it’s now 40% off

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Keeping a record of all of your passwords can be a pain and memorizing them is an almost impossible task. But using a password manager makes it easy to organize all of your passwords, while also keeping them secure.

With Keeper Security, your credentials are stored in an encrypted digital vault that you can access on any device, ensuring they are available whenever you need them. And this March, you can get up to 40% off password manager plans from Keeper.

With the Keeper Unlimited Plan (now only $20.98/£17.98 per year), you get unlimited password storage, strong password generation, autofill functionality, biometric protections and more.

Keeper Unlimited Plan: $34.99 $20.98 per year|1 user
Save 40% - Store unlimited passwords and make use of other features such as autofill, strong password generation, and fingerprint and Face ID logins for one user.View Deal

The Keeper Family plan, which comes with all the features of the Keeper Unlimited plan plus five private cloud storage vaults for different users, is now available for $44.98/£43.18 per year, down from $74.99.

Best password manager deal

Keeper Family Plan: $74.99 $44.98 per year|5 users
Save 40% - Multiple users get all the amazing features of the Unlimited plan and an additional 10GB file storage, plus a private vault for each of the five users. View Deal

Why is this a great deal?

The features of this well-renowned password manager make it practical and convenient, eliminating the need to remember many passwords. It even lets users generate strong passwords that shield against brute force attacks.

This exclusive deal should not be missed, not only because of the huge savings but also because of the convenience Keeper brings, which users can now also share with friends and family. 

Keeper Security also lets you share and manage your records and files securely with your network, as well as scan and store payment information so checkout is a breeze.

With Keeper Security, having to memorize passwords is now a thing of the past.