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The best iPad Pro Magic Keyboard prices and deals in October 2020

best cheap Magic Keyboard price deals
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The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro isn't a cheap bit of kit by any means. In fact, the price reaches higher than a 2019 flagship iPad in some cases. However, if you've just splashed out on a top of the range tablet and fancy some high end gear to make the most of it, there are plenty of features to make it worth your while and we're bringing you all the latest iPad Pro Magic Keyboard deals to save you some cash as well. 

The Apple Magic Keyboard for an 11-inch iPad Pro currently retails for $299 (£299, AU$499), and you'll be paying a little extra for a 12.9-inch model at $349 (£349, AU$589). Seeing as this floating keyboard has only just been released, there's been little budge on the price point so far - though we have seen bundles offering the older 2018 iPad Pro with a cheap Magic Keyboard thrown in as well. That means there's some wiggle room if you're looking for a new device as well, so be sure to check the best iPad Pro deals available right now. 

If, however, you're shopping a little cheaper and don't need trackpad features and a floating design you can always check out the Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro. At just $179 / $199 (£179, AU$299 / £199, AU$339), this is a stripped down experience but offers a far more affordable alternative. If you're looking for a keyboard for a 7th generation iPad or an iPad Air, however, you're better off with the $159 (£159, AU$235) Smart Keyboard.

We might also see more Magic Keyboard deals available during the Black Friday deals event, but there's no guarantee so if you see a price you like today we wouldn't wait too long.  

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard prices

The iPad Pro Magic Keyboard price is either $299 or $349 (£299 or £349) depending on the size of your device. If you find a cheaper price than that in the comparison charts below, you've got yourself a great deal.

Is the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard price worth it?

In our iPad 2020 review, we described the Magic Keyboard as "a ‘proper’ typing experience that brings the iPad Pro even closer to a MacBook, and calls into question the degree to which Apple sees the iPad Pro as being distinct from the MacBook range." 

With a trackpad built straight in, USB-C passthrough for charging, and a unique magnetic floating design, the Magic Keyboard price does include some fantastic tech. If you're a power user looking to transform your iPad experience into one more akin to a conventional laptop or MacBook, you'll certainly make good use of this keyboard. Intuitive and comfortable, the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard goes a long way to making the iPad Pro a laptop in its own right. 

If, however, you're simply looking for a keyboard you can attach every now and then - perhaps when travelling or to avoid having to boot up a computer to take a few quick notes, you might be able to get away with some cheaper alternatives below. 

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard price deals cheap

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Cheap Magic Keyboard alternatives

The cheap Magic Keyboard alternatives below don't offer the same floating experience, or the unique trackpad functionality either. However, the Magic Keyboard price can add a good chunk of cash onto your iPad Pro purchase, so picking up something cheaper might be better off in the short term at least. 

Apple's own alternatives still offer a full-size keyboard without the need to charge or pair. The Smart Keyboard Folio is compatible with the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pro models, whereas you're looking at the Smart Keyboard for 10.2-inch flagship iPad owners or if you're running an iPad Air. 

Below these options, you'll find even cheaper options designed to let you type intuitively but without offering anything particularly special on top. They're considerably cheaper, and offer a simple bluetooth keyboard to use with iPad and iPad Pro. 

The comparison table below searches the entire web for the very best prices as well, so you know you're getting a good deal. 

How to find Apple Magic Keyboard deals

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard deals are yet to fully start up, as this device has only been out for a couple of months now. Plus, with Apple hesitant to take much off the final price of any gadget no matter how old it is, you might be better off looking to a wider range of retailers to save some cash. The good news is, if you're shopping for a new iPad Pro as well, you may find some offers bringing a discount on the keyboard when purchased with a new tablet. We've seen this previously at B&H Photo, so be sure to check there if you're after both items together. Or, you can always check around seasonal sales or big iPad-friendly shopping events, like Back To School sales. 

Our price comparisons at the top of this page automatically pull the best Magic Keyboard deals from all your favorite retailers, so you can be sure you're getting the cheapest offers around right now as well.

If you're looking for more tech to kit out your new iPad Pro, we're also bringing you the best cheap Apple Pencil prices and sales around, but if you're still undecided on whether to commit to an iPad Pro as your main laptop we're also rounding up the latest MacBook deals for you as well.