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Ionos prices, plans, and discounts: the best offers for September 2020

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Ionos is an affordable website builder that offers shared web hosting. You can easily purchase Ionos one month at a time, and you get a free domain name with the basic package. Ionos is faster than many other web hosting options available and you can also add “performance management,” for $2.00 per month if you’re looking for help keeping up with your site’s administration. 

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How much does Ionos cost?  

Ionos offers three main plans to help you create a unique website: 

The Essential plan, which costs $4.00 per month, includes 10 GB of storage, 10 databases, and 10 email accounts. It includes a website domain for one year. This plan is best for one project or website at a time. 

The Business plan costs $1.00 per month for the first month, then costs $8.00 per month. It includes unlimited websites, storage, and databases. You still have access to a website domain for one year, but there’s 50 email accounts instead of 10. This plan is perfect for larger websites with more demanding projects. 

The Expert plan is great if you’re trying to jungle multiple large website projects. At $14.00 per month, you gain access to everything in the Business plan, plus 100 email accounts. This plan includes SiteScan malware protection and Content Delivery Network to help improve your website’s performance.

Are there any discounts or coupons available? 

Unfortunately, Ionos doesn’t have traditional coupons available. You can cancel any of the plans at any time. For a web hosting service that supports both Windows and Linux, Ionos is a good deal for what the pricing includes. If you can commit to a longer time period, Ionos will be even more affordable.  

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How else can I save money on Ionos? 

Save money on Ionos through creating a great website to promote your business or sell your own products. Using a reliable web host will bring more traffic to your website. If you want to earn back the money you spend to keep your website running, then invest in a web host that will help you create a professional platform. 

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Can I try Ionos for free before purchasing?  

Ionos provides an additional option, called the Creator plan, which offers the first month for free. It includes one free domain and access to five email accounts. You have the opportunity to test business widgets, social media widgets, and the multilingual feature. If you’re looking for a way to test Ionos without making an immediate purchase, then signing up for the Creator plan is the way to go. 

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How well does Ionos compare to the competition? 

Ionos stands out among its competitors such as GoDaddy because it offers a variety of pricing packages for both beginners and more experienced website builders. Because of its Wildcard SSL Certificate, Ionos can easily protect sensitive data more than other web hosts available. If you’re looking for a website builder that’s easy to use and provides a variety of plans, then Ionos is a decent place to start building your website.