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HostGator prices, plans, and discounts: the best offers for September 2020

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HostGator is a professional website builder with plans starting as low as $2.75 per month. There’s a wide variety of plans and features to choose from: WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, drag-and-drop features, and shared hosting. It’s easy to browse HostGator’s website and see all of the plans, features, and templates. If you’re looking for a website builder where you won’t spend hours learning how to do coding, then check out HostGator’s unique plans. 

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How much does HostGator cost? 

HostGator provides three main plans for web hosting. While there are many more options on HostGator’s website, these three plans are the cheapest. If you want to upgrade to a different plan, it’s easy to do so. There’s also a “QuickInstall” tool that makes it easy to build any kind of website. Whether you’re looking to build an online store, blog, or photo portfolio, HostGator has lots of options. The four plans below are the most affordable hosting options: 

The Hatchling plan, which is the most basic option for shared hosting, starts at $2.75 per month. It includes one website domain, unlimited pages, and 100 GB of storage. After your first month, the price is $6.95 every month to continue the plan. 

The Starter plan starts at $3.84 for the first month and includes one domain name, SSL certificate, website analytics, and access to many professional templates. This is a great web hosting option for individuals who are looking to get started. 

The Premium plan makes it easy to increase traffic on your website. It starts $5.99 for the first month and includes everything in the Starter plan, plus priority support. If you have questions and want extra help for your website, this might be the plan for you. 

The eCommerce plan is the highest level of individual web hosting. This plan starts at $9.22 per month and includes more options to create your own online store. You’ll be able to access hundreds of templates. This plan is great for anyone who wants to sell products on their website. 

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Are there any HostGator discounts or coupons available? 

Currently, many HostGator plans are 60% off. Make sure you do your research into the HostGator plan before you make a purchase. Many of the plans start at a cheaper price and then cost more when you renew your subscription. Even though a plan starts at 60% off, it doesn’t mean the price will be the same next month. Just check the HostGator website to see what the renewal price will be. 

Can I try HostGator for free before purchasing?  

Yes, you can use HostGator for free for up to 45 days. During the free trial, you’ll gain access to all of the templates and can build your own website right away. If you decide you want to keep your website and use HostGator long-term, you can easily upgrade to any of the paid plans.  

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How well does HostGator compare to the competition? 

Compared to other website builders, HostGator is one of the most affordable. Even after adding the renewal price, the monthly price of HostGator comes in at a dollar less per month than GoDaddy. If you want to look at the templates before making a purchase, you can easily sign up for a free trial for up to 45 days.