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Game is offering 10% on student deals every Monday

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Varsity is starting again soon and having the right tech can help make submitting assignments and staying on top of your work a whole lot easier. 

Game is wanting to make buying big tech purchase items like phones, tablets and laptops a little easier with an extra 10% off for students in-store with a valid student card. 

Each week they offer up new deals which, when buying on a Monday, can save you a bit of money to spend on setting yourself up for the year. 

Here are the best deals currently on offer: 

Huawei Y5 Lite | R1,599 R1,499 | Save R100

This smart little smartphone offers 3020Mah battery capacity, 16GB ROM and a 5.45-inch dewdrop display. It comes with a 1-year warranty which is a big win if you run into any problems.View Deal

Vivo Y11 Blue Smartphone |R3,499 R2,599 | Save R900

 Still a budget smartphone, you get a bit more for the increase in price. A better camera, with 13MP for the rear and 5MP at the front. the 6.3-inch screen is also a little bigger. This means you can watch YouTube videos and take decent pictures with your mates. View Deal

Asus Intel Celeron |R4,999 R4,599 |Save R500

This hardy laptop will keep you going from midnight study sessions to thesis writing. The 15.6-inch screen is impressive and the Intel Celeron N400/N3350/2MB is powerful enough to stream hours of Netflix. View Deal

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