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Best UK job sites of 2021

Two HR people interviewing a woman
(Image credit: Tim Gouw / Pexels)
Best UK job sites

1. CV-Library

2. Adzuna

3. Glassdoor

4. LinkedIn

5. Monster

Read on for our detailed analysis of each platform

Your chances of applying for a job nowadays no longer depend on the number of printed CVs and treading the entryways of buildings in hopes of finding their Human Resources department to score an interview with the right people. It was indeed messy and time-consuming. 

Now that this lengthy and exhausting process is a thing of the past, we’re down to a less complicated dilemma. With all the available resources, narrowing down your options will need a bit of work. We’ve listed our top picks to help you find your dream job in the UK.


(Image credit: CV-Library)

1. CV-Library

The UK’s favorite job board

Reasons to buy
+Job alerts+Online courses available
Reasons to avoid
-Small network

UK’s favorite job board, CV-Library lets users search for job vacancies from over 129,000 listings from over 9,000 companies. These nationwide listings cover all types of industry, matching users’ expertise seamlessly with the jobs available. CV-Library features simple search tools that make job hunting a lot easier, and job match alerts or notifications sent directly to the inbox. 

With millions of CVs uploaded in their library, this platform lets thousands of employers and companies find employees who match their qualifications with ease. Users can also make use of their time on the platform before landing their dream job by joining any of over 500 online courses to further enhance their skills, or develop new ones that they can leverage in their job hunt. 

Courses offered range from admin, beauty, business, health and safety, food safety, finance, project management, SEO,  fitness, medical, education, entertainment, animal care, sales/marketing, writing, and even vocational courses. Some courses are also offered by bundle, and there are lots of free courses users can utilize to improve or develop skills. Some courses are provided by SST (Staff Skills Training), Balance Global, and Vision2Learn, among others. 

CV-Library also lets users get job alerts so they don’t miss opportunities as they come, especially if these job opportunities are a perfect match with the user’s skill sets and qualifications. If users have a specific company name in mind, finding it is easy in the directory of recruitment agencies or companies that they can set by location, sector, or even popularity. It also provides users useful career tips that include interview guides, salary guides, and even a tax calculator. 

Users who sign up with CV-Library get the chance to be exposed to over 9,000 companies who are looking for their newest member, and thus get better chances at landing their dream job. The website is simple and user-friendly, and their support staff is always available to give users a hand, ensuring a positive experience. 

From a recruiter’s standpoint, CV-Library lets them advertise their job openings to over 16 million CVs in their database and millions of monthly users. This platform indeed provides a better way for companies and potential employees to connect, match their needs and skills, and find the best partnership in an easier, faster approach. 


(Image credit: Adzuna)

2. Adzuna

Helping you zero in on the right role

Reasons to buy
+Excellent algorithms and data+Informative blog posts+Free

The Google of job listings, Adzuna is known for using algorithms in making job search easier for users, and that as a result, users can zero in on their dream role that matches their skills and qualifications. Adzuna also prides itself for spending the last ten years perfecting their search engine so that it is more transparent to users, helping them land the perfect jobs to match their qualifications in less time. 

Much like Google, Adzuna also provides useful data and insights such as hiring trends, local salary, and others, to ensure that users are updated and can get ahead from the rest. At the moment, the platform lets users search from thousands of remote jobs as well, with the new normal being more widely accepted. 

Job listings range from junior and senior Java developers, practice accountant, copywriter, paid surveys, and other jobs in Information Technology, healthcare and nursing, engineering, teaching, social work, accounting and finance, sales, logistics and warehouse, and admin jobs. Users also have the option to search by location, salary range, company, contract type, and even hours. Having all these options make job hunting a lot easier and a less time-consuming process. 

Adzuna also offers blog posts aimed towards giving job seekers more knowledge and therefore an edge when it comes to applying for jobs, where to find these jobs, news about the job market, and tips in landing a job. They also do not operate only in the United Kingdom, but also offer their services in Australia, Canada, Brazil, Austria, the United States of America, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, India, Singapore, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and South Africa. 

As soon as they sign up, every user is given access to all job openings, without risking their personal information’s privacy. Adzuna is an excellent platform for users who are looking to find the most suitable jobs with the most desirable salary rates using nothing but technology. Their algorithms ensure that only the best and most relevant jobs are being offered to users to cut the time spent in searching. Users also appreciate the fact that using Adzuna is completely free of charge.


(Image credit: Glassdoor)

3. Glassdoor

Find a job that fits your life

Reasons to buy
+Free for job seekers+Huge database of employers+Company reviews
Reasons to avoid
-Job applications are done on the employer's site

Another household name, Glassdoor’s mission is simply to match users with employers offering the jobs that they love. Their platform is pretty simple to understand and use: users can search for the right job, research companies, compare salaries offered, and easily apply to job listings. 

As soon as users sign in to Glassdoor, they are greeted with thousands of job openings in categories. Users can search by popularity, location, job types, and even salaries. There are millions of job searches per day, but Glassdoor makes it easier to know which job listings are making noise just by looking at the popular searches, and easier to find out which job listings are near an area the user specifically wants to work in. 

Some of the most popular jobs looked at are software developer jobs, jobs in healthcare and nursing, account jobs, support worker jobs, teaching, web design, Project Manager jobs, legal secretary jobs, Health & Safety Manager, Recruitment Consultant jobs, marketing, mechanical engineer, paralegal, sales manager, market research, data analyst, site manager, quantity surveyor, teaching assistant, and so much more. For as long as a user feels he is qualified, he is welcome to apply for any position he finds on Glassdoor. 

A paid Glassdoor account unlocks cool features including access to reviews from employees of over 600,000 companies worldwide, a salary estimate and comparison, and interview questions that help users prepare and gain confidence in the process. Glassdoor also offers a phone app so users can still look for jobs on the go. 

Glassdoor is known for their transparency, sharing both good and bad pieces of information to users to facilitate learning and collaboration, innovation, and resilience. These characteristics are some of the main points why Glassdoor is one of the most preferred job sites in the UK. 

With over 50 million monthly visitors, nine million job listings, 70 million insights and job reviews, 1.3 million employers, and a 76% satisfaction rating, Glassdoor is undeniably one of the best platforms for employers and employees to connect and match. It offers a more intuitive way of not just providing job opportunities, but also a more seamless employment process from entry-level to senior positions. 


(Image credit: LinkedIn)

4. LinkedIn

Social networking tool, online resume platform and jobs database in one

Reasons to buy
+Free for anyone to use+Highly interactive+Social networking tool
Reasons to avoid
-Some tools are only available for premium accounts

You may think of LinkedIn as the Facebook of professionals, the ultimate social media platform where job seekers are matched with employers. As over 90% of recruiters are on social media, job seekers have a relatively higher chance of landing the best jobs.  

As LinkedIn will be a user’s personal professional social media profile, setting up an account is an investment of a lot of their time. But setting up a profile is not at all where it ends, as more time will be needed in keeping their profile up to date, as well as interacting with their network. Though there is no resume page limit, anyone who has a 10-page resume can well highlight each experience without needing to omit anything, thereby improving his chances of getting hired. 

Using LinkedIn is fairly easy, too, as it resembles the interface of Facebook, where instead of building a network of friends and family, users are building a network that highlights their professional interests, skill sets, and qualifications. Everything a user wants to be available to the recruiter will all be in one spot, making it easier to see and making engagement less complicated. This also allows a jobseeker to highlight his skills and interests via his profile posts and updates. 

LinkedIn lets users tap into their job board without having to leave the platform, which in turn enables users to directly apply to job openings, save their job searches, and remembering recruiters for future communication. And since companies’ profiles are at their disposal, users can also choose to follow the companies they want to be part of so they can stay informed should there be role openings in the future. 

One of the best features of LinkedIn that are not readily available in other job sites are the LinkedIn groups they can freely join. Joining groups exposes a jobseeker to a network that is composed of other people who share his interests, and professionals who are already part of the industry they want to join. Likewise, users are also free to join forums to get answers for their frequently asked questions.

Since LinkedIn is free to use, anyone can create an account. Paid services that include access to “Who’s viewed my profile”, LinkedIn Learning, and a gold badge all come in handy to jobseekers in their quest for their dream job. 


(Image credit: Monster)

5. Monster

A pioneer in digital recruitment

Reasons to buy
+Highly functional +Can block resumes from certain companies+Useful resource center
Reasons to avoid
-Redundant and spam job listings-Less filter options and opportunities

Monster indeed lives up to its name. It’s a monster in providing a link between job opportunities and job seekers. It’s a platform where job seekers can easily see whether or not they’re qualified for the job they’re applying for. Employers or recruiters are also able to see match potential - whether it’s strong or not- being left with a pool of only the most qualified candidates where they can find their potential employees. As a result, recruiters have access to a pool of high-quality candidates, giving them a better chance at a match. 

Likewise, Monster is a great platform for job seekers, too. It allows potential candidates to find the “right fit.” it’s as simple as putting in the job title, or even simply the keywords of the role they’re looking to land. Monster provides popular search options so they can easily see what others are looking for. This way they can have an idea of the trending job posts or job searches that they might want to be a part of. 

Popular searches can range from IT, part-time employment, logistics, sales, etc. Furthermore, Monster also provides a platform where job seekers can learn from experts who give career advice anywhere from resignation letters, finding a new job, designing a CV, rocking the interview, and how to shine in your new job among others. 

Monster’s goal is to keep job hunting as simple as possible. And that’s why it has transformed into a job search engine that’s very simple to use, quickly matching job seekers and employers based on their skills, background, interests, etc. Job seekers can search by category which can range from job title, company, city, or state. Paid Monster accounts give access to job alerts so they never miss any opportunities. Resume samples are also readily available even for free accounts, as are interview tips. 

The goal is to “aim higher, reach farther, dream bigger,” and Monster just gives that opportunity to jobseekers with operations in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Finland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, the United States and, of course, United Kingdom. They also have partner sites in Croatia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia Profesia, and Latvia. Anywhere in the world, Monster can help. 


(Image credit: Indeed)

6. Indeed

Helping people get jobs since 2004

Reasons to buy
+Easy to apply+Impressive update frequency+Free to use+No account needed to apply for jobs
Reasons to avoid
-Too simple-Offers no other information aside from job listings

True to their mission of helping people land the jobs they want, Indeed houses 200 million CVs and welcomes up to 250 million unique monthly visitors. Globally, 10 jobs are added per second, making Indeed the largest pool platform that connects people with opportunities. Indeed’s 10,000 global employees make sure this remains true.

Indeed makes the recruitment process more seamless, and the job seeking a much better experience for individuals. This is why most job seekers love Indeed. With the option to create a free account, it lets you save your resume to make job applications quicker and a lot easier. Setting up an alert to make sure you get notified for new postings of your preferred job is up. 

Similarly, employers and recruiters can send you direct messages within Indeed, and with its user-friendly interface, Indeed does not only offer jobs from different industries and levels, it also makes the job hunt a lot more bearable, and with great results. 


(Image credit: Reed)

7. Reed

Helping the world love Mondays

Reasons to buy
+Large database of jobs+Easy to search for jobs with specific companies+Free career advice

With its large database of jobs, Reed is one of the best places to search for job opportunities online. It houses over 250,000 companies looking to hire employees. These companies come from over 40 different sectors. An estimated 8,327 jobs are added daily. 

Job seekers have the option to search for jobs by sector- from technology, engineering, health, etc., or by location. They can also opt to get email alerts and to upload their CV to their job seekers’ profile so recruiters can easily access it.

Reed also lets recruiters target registered jobseekers with the skills that they are in need of with their job adverts. Apart from job openings, Reed also offers courses so candidates can have the chance to upskill while waiting to land their dream job. With that, job seekers have the opportunity to invest in their future, acquiring new skills that they can add to their portfolio, with the help of Reed.

Candidates can also take advantage of Reed’s free career advice that includes tips they can put into practical and good use. They also have the chance to use Reed’s free CV template and free cover letter template to give them a better chance at landing their dream job. If they’re not into using templates, Reed also offers tips on how to perfect their resume and write a compelling cover letter.

With employability and skillset development, one of Reed’s top priorities is to make any job seeker ready for the corporate world, and land the job they dream of. Reed encourages candidates to invest in themselves more than anything so that any company will not hesitate to hire them. This makes Reed a good choice for most of our young professionals today.

A final word

Job boards online are the easiest to access and provide tons of opportunities for any job seeker, not to mention easy search options that help them get matched easily and more accurately. A lot of these sites also let users join networks and meet new people who share their interests, making job hunting a lot more bearable than it used to be. 

Through job websites, you can find numerous openings relevant to your desired job all in one place. You also get a chance to meet new companies and roles that you might not have known about. If you have a more specific position in mind or a specific niche that you wish to focus in, you have the option to stick with specialized job sites. 

If you are open to more possibilities, you can head over to large job sites for access to openings in various industries with different kill levels and from any zip codes. The best thing is that most of these job sites are free to use.