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Best password generators in 2020

Best password generator
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The best password generators can enhance security and protect your data.

Best password generators

Online hacking is becoming increasingly sophisticated, leading to frequent password and login information theft. This can become extremely inconvenient, and it can even lead to the loss of money or sensitive personal information if your passwords fall into the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, most stolen passwords are relatively simple and easy to crack. Things like names, birthdays, hobbies, and favorite pets aren’t good password material, and using them is just asking for trouble.

That’s where password generators become useful. In this guide, we’ve analyzed five of the best password generators available today. Among other things, we’ve looked at the pros and cons, ease of use, and security features of numerous programs to bring you this list, so you can rest assured that it’s comprehensive and accurate.

Note that many of the programs listed below offer some sort of password manager alongside their password generators. There is also a mixed selection of free and paid options.

Here, then, are the best password generators currently available.


(Image credit: Dashlane)

1. Dashlane

Online and in-app password generator

Fast password generation
Specify length
Quick one-click copy button
Can't specify rules

Dashlane is another powerful password management program offering a secure online and in-app password generator. It includes the standard password creation tools, allowing you to specify the length and character types for your new login.

You can create passwords from four to 40 characters long using the Dashlane generator. Specify whether you want it to include numbers, letters, symbols, or a combination of the three, and gauge the strength of your password through the interface’s background color—red for weak, orange for medium, and green for strong.

Those who need to manage and store numerous login details may also benefit from the Dashlane password manager.


(Image credit: LastPass)

2. LastPass

Powerful password generator

Specify the length of your password
One-click copy
Cross compatible
Allows creation of short and/or weak passwords

LastPass offers a powerful, secure password generator that’s 100% free and backed by a range of additional features. It’s available both online through the LastPass website and within the LastPass app. With it, you can specify exactly what sort of password you want to create.

For starters, you will be asked to specify the length of your password, which can be anything from one to 50 characters long. You can choose from passwords that are easy to say (without numbers or special characters), easy to read (without confusable characters like 1 & l), and standard (all characters). You can also specify which combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and/or symbols you want to use. Once a password has been generated, a neat color-coded bar indicates its strength.

Alongside its password generator, LastPass also offers one of the best password managers on the market. New passwords can be imported directly to the manager, which comes with a range of advanced features.


(Image credit: Nordpass)

3. NordPass

Secure password generator

Online and in-app
Specify length
Avoid ambiguous characters
Strength indicator easy to miss

With the NordPass password generator, you can quickly create new passwords both online and within the NordPass password management app. It supports the generation of passwords up to 60 characters long.

You can also select between uppercase and lowercase letters, digits, symbols, or a combination of the four. On top of this, NordPass includes a checkbox that allows you to avoid ambiguous characters like 1 and I that could be confused.

The in-app generator is just as powerful and comes with the added benefit of being able to save your password immediately. In addition, the base version of the NordPass password manager is 100% free.


(Image credit: KeePass)

4. KeePass

Free and open-source password generator

Comprehensive generation rules
Specify exact password composition
Possibly over the top for most users

KeePass is a free, open-source password management program with a built-in password generator. It is a little difficult to set up, but it’s extremely powerful and supports a selection of predefined password compositions.

You can create standard random passwords based on standard length and composition criteria. But, KeePass also enables the generation of passwords following specific rules. For example, if your password has to include upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and one special character, you can specify this with the click of a button. 


(Image credit: Strong Password Generator)

5. Strong Password Generator

Simple online password generator

Secure random password generation
Export passwords to different devices
No integrated password manager

With the Strong Password Generator, the name says it all. This simple yet secure online program is designed to create unbreakable passwords at the click of a button. All new passwords are created locally on your computer, which means they aren’t ever stored online or on the program’s servers.

On top of this, the Strong Password Generator allows you to specify the length and composition of your new login. In theory, you can create passwords that are as long as you want. During our testing, we were able to easily generate a random string up to a million characters long in a matter of seconds—not that you would ever need one of this length.

In addition, you can specify what type of characters you want your password to include. Choices include alpha upper (A–Z), alpha lower (a–z), numbers (0-9), and symbols. Each new password comes with a unique QR code so you can transfer it to a phone or tablet as required.