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Best Brother printers 2021: top picks from the big-name brand

Best Brother printers
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Choosing the best Brother printer for your needs isn’t going to be easy because there are so many models out there, due to their popularity. Brother is one of the most respected names in printers, and it has a massive inventory encompassing all budgets and needs. This makes the task a bit difficult. 

Still, the best Brother printers are worth the effort as they are some of the most brilliant printers on the market. These are some of the most reliable printing solutions out there for personal and business use, being sturdy and well-built while delivering high yields and keeping things affordable.

From some of the best all-in-one printers to the best inkjet printers and best laser printers, we rounded up the best Brothers printers out there. If you're after the best printer, it's likely that Brother will have a device for you, so read on for our picks. Alongside our price comparison too, this guide will help you find the most ideal one for your needs. 

Best Brother printers at a glance

  1. Brother DCP-J1100W All-In-Box 
  2. Brother MFC-J5330DW
  3. Brother HL-L5100DN 
  4. Brother MFC-J5945DW
  5. Brother HL-L2350DW
  6. Brother MFC-J6530
  7. Brother HL-L3230CDW 
  8. Brother MFC-J6947DW
  9. Brother MFC-L9570CDW 
  10. Brother MFC-L3750CDW


Brother DCP-J1100W

(Image credit: Brother)

1. Brother DCP-J1100W All-In-Box printer

Get three-years of ink and service with this unique inkjet bundle

Category: colour 3-in-1 inkjet printer
Print speed: 12ppm
Paper sizes: A4
Paper capacity: 150
Weight: 8.8kg
Reasons to buy
+3yrs of ink included +Touchscreen interface
Reasons to avoid
-High initial cost     -Slow to print  

This is the first inkjet printer to be sold with three years-worth of ink and service included in the price and it represents great value for money. The printer itself is a capable three-in-one device that can print, scan and copy at a fairly high resolution and turn out crisp and colourful duplex pages at a reasonable rate. It’s not as fast as some of Brother’s other business-oriented printers, but the inclusion of four very high-yield ink cartridges make this the most economical of all the cartridge-based inkjets available. It comes with Wi-Fi Direct connectivity and a colour touchscreen interface for easy operation.

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Brother MFC-J5330DW

(Image credit: Image Credit: Brother)

2. Brother MFC-J5330DW printer

A feature-packed MFD with A3 capability

Print speed: 22ppm
Paper sizes: up to A3
Paper capacity: 300 sheets
Weight: 16.9kg
Reasons to buy
+Compact A3 printing+Vivid colour prints
Reasons to avoid
-Some photos take ages to print -Couldn’t update firmware via Wi-Fi

Given its ability to print on A3 paper, this is a surprisingly compact multifunction device, that will happily share a desk with your PC. It prints clearly in monochrome, while colour photos look quite vibrant on photo paper. The touchscreen is rather small and it’s not the fastest duplex printer around, but it hits a near perfect balance balance between quality, performance and features.

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Brother HL-L5100DN

(Image credit: Jim Hill)

3. Brother HL-L5100DN laser printer

Compact unit for the very busy SMB

Category: mono laser printer
Print speed: 40ppm
Paper sizes: up to A4
Paper capacity: 300
Weight: 10.7kg
Reasons to buy
+High print speed +Compact unit
Reasons to avoid
-No inbuilt Wi-Fi -Tiny display

This little grey box can really churn out the pages and despite the size, it will hold a lot of paper too. This makes it ideal for the small office with a high demand for black and white documents. The quality is consistent and the per page print cost is attractive. It’s light on features with no Wi-Fi or a front USB port, but what it does, it does very well.

Brother MFC-J5945DW Printer

(Image credit: Image Credit: TechRadar)

4. Brother MFC-J5945DW printer

Laser busting inkjet crams in the features

Category: 4-in-1 colour laser MFD
Print speed: 22ppm
Paper capacity: 500 sheets
Paper size: up to A3
Weight: 21kg
Reasons to buy
+A3 capability   +High paper capacity
Reasons to avoid
-Inconsistent prints -Less economical than laser

This big Brother blurs the line between home printer and office printer by combining the fast print speed and high capacity of a laser machine with the superior photo finish of an inkjet. We would recommend it for both applications because although it is smaller than the laser equivalent MFC-L8690CDW, the inkjet MFC-J5945DW can handle A3 paper. There’s really nothing that this fully featured 4-in-1 can’t do and it carries out all tasks satisfactorily.   

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(Image credit: Brother)

5. Brother HL-L2350DW printer

Cheap and fast

Print speed: 32ppm
Paper sizes: Up to A4
Paper capacity: 250 sheets
Size: 13.27 x 8.66 x 7.01in
Weight: 7.2kg
Reasons to buy
+Fast printing for the cost+Good output quality
Reasons to avoid
-Average graphics quality-Small LCD display

Suitable for home printing, this speedy model from Brother is suitable if you’re looking to occasionally burst print a bunch of pages while initially looking to spend as little as possible. Setting up the HL-L2350DW isn’t fun on its tiny LCD screen, but once completed the printer is compact and light enough to move into position. 

It’s also pleasingly inexpensive to operate in the long term and features connectivity options aplenty – including compatibility with Airprint, Google Cloud print and Brother’s own iPrint & Scan app. Turning our attention to quality, the Brother produces text with above average sharpness – certainly enough for everyday printing tasks – but we were less enamoured with its graphics quality.

Brother MFC-J6530

(Image credit: Brother)

6. Brother MFC-J6530 printer

Full A3 functionality in a compact four-in-one

Category: 4-in-1 colour inkjet printer
Print speed: 15ppm
Paper sizes: up to A3
Paper capacity: 250
Weight: 6.8kg
Reasons to buy
+Affordable ink refills  +High ink/paper capacity
Reasons to avoid
-High initial -The ink tanks add bulk

This capable colour MFD can not only print, scan, copy and fax, but it can do it all with A3 paper. The ingenious design also finds room for a 250-sheet deep paper tray and a 50-sheet automatic document feeder. Wi-Fi is built in and that 6.8cm display is a touchscreen. At 22 pages mer minute, it can turn out mono pages quickly and it’s not much slower in duplex mode

Brother HL-L3230CDW

(Image credit: Brother)

7. Brother HL-L3230CDW printer

Feature-light LED concentrates on print quality

Category: Color laser printer
Print speed: 18ppm
Paper sizes: up to A4
Paper capacity: 250 sheets
Weight: 18kg
Reasons to buy
+High paper capacity+Robust design
Reasons to avoid
-Not the cheapest toner-No front USB port

The Brother HL-L3230CDW is the entry-level model in Brother’s LED line-up and as such, it lacks luxuries such as a touchscreen interface, a front USB port, or an NFC chip. There has been no compromise in quality though, making this robust high-capacity printer ideal for the small office looking for high print quality without the frills. There’s plenty of room for paper in the main tray with a single-sheet multipurpose tray making it easy to print onto an envelope or a headed letter. Wi-Fi is built in and it can duplex print at a fair old clip. For crisp color printing, this solid all-rounder is a reliable choice.

Brother MFC-J6945DW

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8. Brother MFC-J6945DW printer (MFC-J6947DW in UK)

Business inkjet with true A3 ability

Category: All-in-one color inkjet printer
Print speed: 22ppm (mono)
Paper sizes: up to A3
Paper capacity: 750 sheets
Weight: 27.9kg
Reasons to buy
+Duplex A3 print and scan+Three paper trays
Reasons to avoid
-Muted colors-Slower than a laser printer

The Brother MFC-J6945DW (known as the MFC-J6945DW in the UK) is an inkjet that’s aimed at a role in a busy office more usually filled by a laser printer. The impressive print speed is only a little slower than the average laser, while offering all the advantages of an inkjet, such as the the ability to print on photo paper at a higher image resolution. It also comes with an unusually generous amount of ink — enough for a whole year apparently. The most impressive feature, however, is its ability to duplex print and scan not just A4 paper, but A3 as well.

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Brother MFC-L9570CDW

(Image credit: Brother)

9. Brother MFC-L9570CDW printer

Big Brother takes care of business

Category: Color laser all-in-one printer
Print speed: 31ppm
Paper sizes: up to A4
Paper capacity: 250 + 50 sheets
Weight: 29.7kg
Reasons to buy
+All the features+High capacity
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive-Bulky design

The Brother MFC-L9570CDW is a sizeable multifunction printer aimed at enterprise and medium-sized business. It has capacity for 250 sheets of A4 in its main tray and scope to increase that dramatically with extra accessories. It prints quickly at 31 pages per minute and Brother recommends a high print volume of up to 6,000 pages per month. Sitting towards the top of Brother’s product tree, the Brother MFC-L9570CDW is loaded with features from single-pass dual scanning to an 80-page automatic document feeder and a large touchscreen control panel. This is a generously-specified printer that can grow to meet the demands of a really big office. 

Brother MFC-L3750CDW

(Image credit: Brother)

10. Brother MFC-L3750CDW printer

Sturdy LED all-in-one is an all-rounder

Category: All-in-one color laser printer
Print speed: 24ppm
Paper sizes: A4
Paper capacity: 250 + 50 sheets
Weight: 23.4kg
Reasons to buy
+Lots of features+Rapid color printing
Reasons to avoid
-Cannot duplex scan-No NFC

The Brother MFC-L3750CDW is a hefty mid-priced all-in-one that will suit a wide range of small to medium-sized businesses thanks to its broad array of features and high capacity for paper and toner. There’s room for 250 sheets of A4 in the main tray and another 50 in the automatic document feeder while a multipurpose tray allows you to load a single envelope or sheet of headed paper. High-yield cartridges are available for this model and the ones in the box are good for 1,000 mono pages and 1,000 color. With inbuilt Wi-Fi and every feature we can think of except NFC and auto duplex scanning, this is a well-rounded office printer.