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Best video and streaming services compared

Streaming services
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Streaming services available in South Africa are few and far between when compared to the United States and United Kingdom. Ultimately there are only four worth considering. Your preferred streaming and video service should align with your interests, streaming habits and preferred user experience as much as possible. To help you make an educated decision, we've put together a few pros and cons of each.

1. Showmax


(Image credit: Showmax)

Showmax is one of South Africa's more popular streaming services. It is most well known for offering a variety of local content that uniquely appeals to the South African audience, while still offering international content that we know and love. Upsides of the service are its 14-day free trial which allows interested streamers to get an idea of the content. Its easy device compatibility works on phones, tablets, TVs or laptops. DSTV premium subscribers get to use the service at no additional cost, which is a huge plus. Showmax is currently running a special for three months of viewing for only R149. This service is best suited for viewers looking for a local experience that is affordable, while still offering international favourites and binge-worthy series.

2. Netflix


(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix is one of the more affordable options in South Africa and has quickly skyrocketed in popularity. The subscription costs start at R99 per month for the most basic package. Users can choose from three different plans, from basic to premium. Netflix has a huge variety of content from animations to Korean drama, Netflix original series and classic movies you'll want to tick off your watchlist. One of the disadvantages is that the content varies, and is dependent on where you live. The content in the US is not the same content you get in South Africa, which is good to be aware of when subscribing. It is also very user-friendly which is always a plus factor when choosing a streaming service.

3. HUAWEI Video

Huawei video

(Image credit: Huawei)

HUAWEI Video is default video player in HUAWEI /HONOR smartphones and tablet devices. It also supports online video streaming services. HUAWEI has adapted all kinds of content to suit smartphone and tablet users. A number of series, films and documentaries have been added to the service allowing for a trendy user experience that connects with hot topics, shocking stories, lifestyle content, fun videos and even sport. Some of the content is free, allowing users to get an idea of the service before committing. A premiere film rental service is also an option which allows users to watch the latest films hot off the cinema scene. Huawei Video is available through Huawei AppGallery and comes pre-installed on Huawei devices running EMUI 8.0 or later. This is definitely an option for younger users who enjoy taking in digital content quickly and effortlessly.

4. Amazon Prime video

Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon Prime Video is the lesser-known of the streaming services, but still offers a user-friendly experience and great content. The Prime interface is similar to Netflix or Showmax but unlike these service, Prime is known for focusing on the older classics rather than the new series and films. Like Netflix, Prime has a selection of original content. The services number of shows on offer outrank Showmax but fall just behind Netflix. Movie fans may prefer the Amazon Prime service, classic movies are a huge focus on the platform but barely any local content is on offer. Prime comes with a competitive price tag of just R114 per month so it's a good option for those not looking to spend too much on their movie addiction. It's also good to note that the price is charged in dollars so this price can fluctuate depending on the exchange rate.