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Best people search finder services for 2021

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With more of us connected online, the best people search finder services and engines make it much easier to trace a long-lost friend or relative - as well as helping to confirm that someone is who they claim to be.

Such toolscan be especially useful as normal search engines aren’t great people finders: they can tell you if someone has a website or a public profile, but they’re not so good at telling you where they are, what they’re up to or who they live with. 

So if you’re trying to trace a long-lost pal or estranged relative or just want to be sure that someone new in your life is who they claim to be, using one of the best people search finder is a much better option.

As you’ll see from our pick of the best people finder websites, there are big differences between these services. Some can tell you about someone’s employment but not their education, some include social media and others can also tell you about a person’s business interests and assets. For employment services, you will need to use a background check service.

So here's our pick of the best people finder services and search engines out there.


(Image credit: Intelius)

1. Intelius

See how people are connected

Reasons to buy
+Provides education data+Great data visualisation+Single-report and subscription options
Reasons to avoid
-Not the cheapest

Every people finder service presents information in its own way, but we really like the way Intelius does it. The service displays people in a spidery graph that makes it really easy to see how the different people in a report are connected. The underlying data’s good too, and it includes educational history – a handy extra data point if you’re trying to track someone down or check their resume.

There's also the option to signup for Intelius Premier Plus, which allows for unlimited searches every month. This allows you to search for anyone by name or phone number as often as you want.

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(Image credit: TruthFinder)

2. Truthfinder

Well-featured service which produces good results

Reasons to buy
+User-friendly+Impressive search results+Self-monitoring capability
Reasons to avoid
-Some rivals are cheaper

TruthFinder is a versatile service that offers a range of different background checks, but its major strength is this product’s ability when it comes to finding people – and providing a whole host of data on them.

TruthFinder searches cover public databases, and are capable of extracting information from various sources including social media, criminal records and more.

There are also some interesting extras such as self-monitoring tools that give you a chance to see what other people might be able to look up on you. Or there’s a reverse phone number lookup which you can use to identify who is behind a given phone number, with a detailed report provided on that person, not just their name.

TruthFinder also benefits from a slick and easy-to-use interface, and overall, this is one of the better people search finder services out there. You’ll pay for the quality results on offer, mind, as this is far from a cheap service, although if you subscribe monthly, and use TruthFinder a fair bit, it’ll likely be worth the outlay.

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(Image credit: Instant checkmate)

3. Instant Checkmate

Good, affordable and accurate

Reasons to buy
+Good value +Accurate data+Good search tools+Wide range of searches
Reasons to avoid
-Subscription only

Instant Checkmate appears to search every conceivable register - it can even provide a map in the specified area you are searching. It features a very comprehensive set of reports covering criminal records, marriage and asset information, although the site design places heavy emphasis on what seems like a never-ending procession of slow progress bars and lurid warnings about the content you might uncover. A bit of a put off, but we can see why it would urge caution.

There are two different price plans available, both offering unlimited reports. The monthly plan is expensive compared to other services but this is potentially one of the most comprehensive services, allowing you to search not just criminal records, address, and phone information, but also additional details such as for bankruptcies and weapons permits. There's also a 2 month plan that offers the same service but means you save over the normal monthly plan.

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(Image credit: US Search)

Easy, effective and affordable

Reasons to buy
+Good value+Easy search+Timely data
Reasons to avoid
-Basic presentation-Marriages only in some states

US Search may be a good option for some folks. It’s not the best service in any particular category, but as an overall package it’s impressive value for money.

The cheapest option offers a single report on a single individual. However, there is a plan available for more regular reporting which can also include social media use as well as public records.

A monthly plan allows you to view unlimited searches if you are interested in more than one report a month.

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(Image credit: PeopleFinders)

5. PeopleFinders

Great value on a comprehensive service

Reasons to buy
+Good quality comprehensive reports+Includes some business data+Simple to use
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t cover social media

PeopleFinders offers a number of services for finding people, using over 43 billion public records to provide information on over 250 million Americans.

While the primary advertised service is for background checks, other options are available, too. For example, you can run an address lookup to find not just who may have lived at a property but also history relating to the property which can be good for purchasers looking to move home.

Another option is the ability to search a database of criminal records, allowing you to pick through court records for anything from traffic violations to arrests and what for. Additionally, you can run less onerous checks such as reverse phone lookups so that you can identify callers before you even pick up the phone.

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(Image credit: BeenVerified)

6. BeenVerified

An impressive service which is also affordable

Reasons to buy
+Great for employment history+Plenty of detail in search results+Good overall value
Reasons to avoid
-Some data costs extra-No individual reports

BeenVerified is a service that covers all the expected bases, and allows for searching using a wide variety of data (including the likes of vehicle details, for example). A strong suit here is that it’s good at delving into employment history, too, but on the other hand, a distinct downside is that there’s no option for individual reporting - you must sign up for a monthly subscription which gives you unlimited reports.

There are two plans, one of which is a month-by-month subscription, and the other is a cheaper option that requires a commitment of three months. For the outlay, you get access to reporting that gives you not just basic details, but social media info, criminal records, and property records. It’s also possible to search for unclaimed property in your name, too, so there are certainly some useful avenues to explore, even if the lack of individual reports may make this a trickier sell for more casual users.

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