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Best PDF to PowerPoint converter of 2020: Free and paid, for Windows, Mac, Android and online

Best PDF to PowerPoint converter
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Converting PDF documents to PowerPoint format is complicated and a careless conversion tool will improperly convert fonts, graphics, and text. This leaves you with a disorganized and visually displeasing PowerPoint document.

Best PDF to PowerPoint converters

Fortunately, there are several PDF to PowerPoint conversion tools available today that make high-quality file conversions simple. These platforms optimize your PowerPoint document so that minimal edits are required before you can distribute or present your slides.

In this article, we explore the best PDF to PowerPoint converters and help you decide what software to use for your next file conversion. If you’re looking to convert other file formats, then check our similar articles on PDF to Word Conversion or PowerPoint to PDF conversion.

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1. Smallpdf

One of the best tools for converting PDF documents

Support for OCR
Partnership with Solid Documents
Subscription includes a full suite of PDF management tools
Offline conversion included
No free product
Bulk conversion can be time-consuming

Smallpdf is one of the best tools for converting PDF documents to PowerPoint format. It operates primarily as a web-based platform but also features offline software for paying customers.

To create the best and most straightforward PDF to PPT conversion experience, Smallpdf has partnered with Solid Documents for its file conversion tools. After numerous tests of SmallPDF and the other providers included in this buying guide, we found the platform to be the most reliable PDF to PPT converter. Smallpdf accurately converted the stylistic elements of our PDF while maintaining consistent formatting. 

Another feature we like in Smallpdf’s PDF to PowerPoint conversion tool is its support for optical character recognition (OCR). This means that the platform will create an editable PowerPoint document rather than merely copying PDF pages into a mostly static PowerPoint document. 

All users can access a 14-day free trial of Smallpdf’s software. However, ongoing subscriptions cost $12 per month or $108 for a year. If your business is looking for the best PDF to PowerPoint converter at a mid-range price, it’s hard to ignore Smallpdf.


(Image credit: Wondershare)

2. PDFelement

Comprehensive PDF management suite

OCR recognition
Several subscription options
Standalone application 

A very close second on our list of the best PDF to PowerPoint converters is PDFelement by Wondershare. This platform is a comprehensive PDF management suite and includes conversion from PDF to PPT. If you’re looking for a PDF management solution for your organization, Wondershare’s platform should be one of your top considerations. 

Like most top PDF to PPT converters, PDFelement by Wondershare includes OCR recognition. Thus, files converted using the platform will be dynamic and editable, meaning you can quickly and easily make further changes to the document. This is an advantage over many online converters that claim to convert files from PDF to PPT but which merely create static replicas. 

PDF to PowerPoint conversion is included in both premium plans: PDFelement Standard and PDFelement Pro. The Standard plan costs $69 per year or $79 for a lifetime subscription. The Pro plan costs $79 per year or $129 for a lifetime subscription and includes many more advanced PDF management features than the Standard Plan.


(Image credit: Soda PDF)

3. Soda PDF

Comprehensive PDF management solution

Competitive paid and free plans
Advanced business features can be added on
Both web and desktop-based software
OCR not included by default in paid plans

There are many things we like about Soda PDF, and that’s why it’s earned a spot on our list of the best PDF to PowerPoint converters. 

We like that Soda PDF offers both a paid, premium product for businesses wanting a comprehensive PDF management solution and a free version for those who simply want to convert a document on the fly. 

Users can convert PDF to PPT for free using Soda PDF’s web-based software. However, you’ll need to navigate around the many ads that keep the service free. Files we converted using the free, online tool were high quality, although with low-quality PDFs, OCR was unavailable. 

While the free tool might suffice for many businesses, we encourage you to consider the paid product. Soda PDF offers two premium plans: Soda PDF Home ($48 per year) and Soda PDF Premium ($84 year). Paying customers can also choose add-ons, such as e-signing and advanced OCR.


(Image credit: Baltsoft)

4. PDF Converter

Perfect for occasional PDF to PPT conversion

Free PDF conversion
Completely web-based
Paid plans are overpriced
Only one conversion per hour 

PDF Converter is undoubtedly our favorite free platform for converting PDF files to PowerPoint format. Although free usage is limited to one document per hour, the platform is perfect for users who only require PDF to PPT conversion on the odd occasion. 

The platform’s conversion quality is commendable, and converted documents always closely resemble the original file. However, OCR and optimization settings are not included with the free software. 

Although PDF Converter does offer premium plans ($50 per year or $99 for a lifetime subscription), we recommend one of the above-mentioned providers if you’re considering a paid service. While we’re a big fan of PDF Converter’s free conversion tool, we’re not convinced its paid product can stack up against Soda PDF, Smallpdf, or PDFelement.


(Image credit: Adobe)

5. Adobe Acrobat

PDF management software is best-in-class

Integration with Microsoft 365 applications
Optimization options available when converting
Business and enterprise plans available
Very expensive

No list of the best PDF to PowerPoint converters would be complete without a mention of Adobe Acrobat. The team at Adobe were the inventors of the PDF, so its no surprise their PDF management software is close to best-in-class. The only reason Adobe Acrobat doesn’t feature higher on our list is due to its high cost. 

Adobe Acrobat for business begins at $24.99 per month per license. This makes it substantially more expensive than the other providers discussed in this article. 

However, for this price, you get the best PDF conversion software available. PDFs converted to PPT using Adobe Acrobat will always be of the highest quality, with several optimization settings available. Advanced security features, as well as OCR, are also included. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable option but still want to use Adobe software, we would encourage considering Adobe Acrobat PDF Pack, a more limited version of Acrobat that costs $14.99 per month.