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Best Google Pixel 6 cases: how to keep your new Android phone safe

One of the best Google Pixel 6 cases
(Image credit: Google)

The best Google Pixel 6 cases keep your shiny new phone looking just as good as it did the day you got it. While doing so, they can also look stylish and match your aesthetic perfectly. 

Far from inexpensive, it's important to keep your Google Pixel 6 safe from the daily knocks and bumps that all too easily occur throughout the day. Our picks for the best Pixel 6 cases will help circumvent that.

We've looked through the many options currently out here and picked out 10 of the best Google Pixel 6 cases that will keep your phone safe.

We haven't had all of these Google Pixel 6 cases in our test labs yet, but based on expert opinions and knowledge of the most reputable brands available, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability and unique features. There's sure to be the ideal choice for you here. 

A Google case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Google)

1. Google Pixel 6 Case

The official choice from Google

Material: Plastic
Colors: Light Rain, Cotton Candy and Stormy Sky
Reasons to buy
+Shock-absorbing case+Raised edges 
Reasons to avoid
-Limited color options

The official Google Pixel 6 case is guaranteed to look pretty sleek on your phone. It has a dual-layer construction that's pretty good at shock absorption. Alongside that are raised edges that help protect your phone from any knocks or drops. 

There's only a choice of three color schemes but the case has been built with 30% post-consumer recycled material so you have the peace of mind of knowing it's helping the planet a tiny bit. 

A Bellroy case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Bellroy)

2. Bellroy Leather Case for Pixel 6

Another official option, with leather

Material: Leather
Colors: Black and Sea Mist
Reasons to buy
+Premium leather+Sleek design 
Reasons to avoid
-Not vegan-friendly 

Made from premium gold-rated Leather Working Group tannery leather, the Bellroy Leather Case looks great. It wraps around the case well from edge to edge, feeling good when you hold it. 

Rounded edges and a slim profile means it's far from noticeable but it looks good. It's only available in two colors and not exactly vegan friendly, but for everyone else, it adds a touch of class to your phone for a reasonable price. 

A Caseology case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Caseology)

3. Caseology Vault

Proper protection

Material: Plastic
Colors: Matte Black, Sage Green and Urban Gray
Reasons to buy
+Simple design+Military grade protection 
Reasons to avoid
-Almost too simple looking 

If you simply want a secure case and aren't worried about fashion statements, there's the Caseology Vault. It offers a simple and flexible design that remains rugged too. That's thanks to its military grade protection so this case will be fine with a few drops.

It has a rugged sandstone texture body and built-in grips so you can easily hold onto it without worrying about it sliding out of your grasp. 

A Spigen Tough Armor case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Spigen)

4. Spigen Tough Armor

Another protective choice

Material: Plastic
Colors: Black, Gunmetal and Rose Gold
Reasons to buy
+Military grade protection+Built-in kickstand  
Reasons to avoid
-Little bulky 

With a built-in kickstand, the Spigen Tough Armor case is more than just reliable protection for your phone. It's also convenient for those times when you want to watch something on it or present something to someone. 

With a combination of TPU and polycarbonate, it offers plenty of protection from drops and scratches with foam technology that also provides an extra layer of shock resistance. Ideal for the clumsier phone owner.

A Crave Dual Guard case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Crave)

5. Crave Dual Guard

The option for bold color lovers

Material: Plastic
Colors: Slate, Black, Blush and Red
Reasons to buy
+Plenty of color choices+Covers entire phone  
Reasons to avoid
-Buttons won't be to everyone's taste 

With plenty of color choices, the Crave Dual Guard is a good option for those looking to show off their tastes better. It has a fairly compact profile that's easy to grip on to with protection from drops and scratches covering the whole phone. 

That means a switch to the tactile buttons included in the case which won't suit everyone, but do feel suitably tactile to tap. 

A Spigen Slim Armor case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Spigen)

6. Spigen Slim Armor

Make your phone work as a wallet

Material: Plastic
Colors: Black and Rose Gold
Reasons to buy
+ Slim design+ Card holder 
Reasons to avoid
- No wireless charging compatibility  

You'll need to take the Spigen Slim Armor off for wireless charging but other than that, it's pretty useful. It offers dual layers of protection plus air cushion technology to keep you secure. 

There's also an exterior card slot which holds up to two cards so you can use it as a form of wallet too. Covering all the bases, it's a shame you'll need to remove it for wireless charging but other than that, it's highly reliable. 

A Poetic Revolution case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Poetic Revolution)

7. Poetic Revolution Case

A bulkier choice, but strong protection

Material: Polycarbonate
Colors: Black and Blue
Reasons to buy
+Rugged design+Built-in kickstand and screen protector  
Reasons to avoid

Bulky but suitably protective, the Poetic Revolution Case offers military grade levels of protection and it shows. It's a rugged fit that won't suit everyone's needs or pockets but it does mean you won't have to worry about any damage. 

It has extra raised lips and corners as well as a built-in screen protector so everything is safe. There's also a built-in kickstand too which proves ideal during downtime. 

A Sucnakp case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Sucnakp )

8. Sucnakp Case

Strong grip

Material: Plastic
Colors: Black, Blue and Dark Green
Reasons to buy
+ Fits into style of phone well+ Accurate cutouts 
Reasons to avoid
- Bit bulky  

The Sucnakp Case ensures it looks a lot like your Google Pixel 6 phone before you attached a case to it, proving ideal for those that want a similar style to before. It has easy to hold grips around the outside so you'll always be holding onto it firmly. 

Alongside that is good quality shockproof protection courtesy of TPU material, plus there are accurate cutouts so it always looks the part.

A Ghostek case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Ghostek)

9. Ghostek Covert

A ghostly design

Material: Silicone and plastic
Colors: Cloudy Clear and Sorta Pink
Reasons to buy
+ Clear case+ Thin design 
Reasons to avoid
- Could stain

Ideal if you prefer how your Google Pixel 6 looks naked, the Ghostek Covert is a clear case that gives you your original color. It has raised bumper edges that protect the screen and camera lens, along with shock absorbing protection. 

An ultra thin design, it won't feel too awkward in your pocket either, with a non-slip hand grip further helping. As a clear case, it may stain over time but other than that, it looks pretty good. 

A Foluu case for the Google Pixel 6

(Image credit: Foluu)

10. Foluu Case

Combine your wallet and your phone case

Material: Canvas
Colors: Blue
Reasons to buy
+ Wallet as well as case+ Comfortable material 
Reasons to avoid

If you want a wallet as well as a case, the Foluu Case does it all. It offers room for three cards as well as some cash, all while protecting your phone. It uses premium synthetic soft canvas as well as flexible TPU material on the inside so there's plenty of protection.

It might be a little bulky but covering two tasks at once proves very useful. 

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