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Best employee scheduling software of 2020

Best employee scheduling software
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Creating and managing employee schedules can be a logistical nightmare, even if you only have a small workforce. Fortunately, there are numerous software options available to simplify and/or automate this process.

Best employee scheduling software

Employee scheduling software starts from as little as $1 per month, per employee. When used effectively, these programs not only can save you and your team hours, but they also help ensure that employees are rostered on at the correct times, maximizing productivity and income.

In this guide, we look at five of the best employee scheduling software solutions available. Each has its own pros, cons, and target users, so be sure to read carefully before settling on the best option for your needs.

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Shiftboard offers industry-leading employee scheduling tools. (Image credit: Shiftboard )

1. Shiftboard

Popular employee scheduling program

Flexible pricing options
Streamlined hiring and onboarding tools
Powerful performance analytics
Simplified employee scheduling features
User interface can be confusing

Shiftboard is one of the world’s most popular employee scheduling programs and caters to thousands of medium to large businesses globally. It includes a range of tools to modernize scheduling and provide attendance tracking and performance analytics.

On top of this, Shiftboard comes with a range of onboarding tools designed to streamline the integration process for new employees. A selection of hiring features are also available to aid candidate data collection and simplify the overall employment process.

Prices for a Shiftboard plan start from $3 per user per month. Basic, Professional, and Enterprise subscription options are available, with the capacity to cater to extremely large teams with tens of thousands of people.


Resource Guru is used by some of the world’s largest companies. (Image credit: Resource Guru)

2. Resource Guru

User-friendly employee scheduling tools

Flexible pricing options
Suitable for all business sizes
Useful leave management portal
Tidy, intuitive calendar design
Some advanced features missing

Resource Guru offers user-friendly employee scheduling tools aimed at any organization, from small businesses to the world’s largest companies. One of our favorite features of the program is its tidy calendar layout, which is designed to show who is working, when, and on what.

On top of this, the program comes with a useful leave management system. This allows you to easily keep track of employee time off and ensure that everyone gets the leave that they’re entitled to. Users also have access to a range of analytics and reporting tools.

Resource Guru is available from $2.50 per user per month with the basic Grasshopper plan that includes all features except analytics reports. The Blackbelt plan ($4.16 per user per month) adds reports, and the Master plan ($6.65 per user per month) has even more advanced features.


Snap Schedule offers a great selection of employee scheduling tools (Image credit: Snap Schedule)

3. Snap Schedule

Great selection of employee scheduling tools

Extremely powerful employee scheduling tool
Impressive reporting features
Great schedule customizability
Ability to cater to large businesses
High-budget option

Snap Schedule is an extremely powerful spreadsheet-based employee scheduling program. It has advanced features, but it is a little expensive. The user interface is also slightly cluttered and unintuitive.

That said, one of the best things about Snap Schedule is its ability to integrate with Microsoft Excel data. When you begin using it for the first time, you will be able to import employee data directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

On top of this, Snap Schedule is extremely customizable. In fact, users have almost full customizability when creating new schedules. Unfortunately, this program’s high prices mean that its not a viable option for anyone other than the largest businesses.


(Image credit: Humanity)

4. Humanity

Powerful employee scheduling programs

Affordable plans
Powerful scheduling tools
Useful clock-in and clock-out monitor
Accurate overtime manager
Navigation can be complicated

Humanity is one of the most powerful employee scheduling programs available. It’s affordable and scalable and comes with a great selection of advanced tools designed to streamline the scheduling process.

For example, Humanity uses an intuitive scheduling interface that includes tools for overtime monitoring, clock-in and clock-out tracking, and time-off requests. Users also have access to a range of data-driven forecasting tools designed to help plan future staffing schedules.

Prices start from just $3 per user per month for a Starter plan, which includes employee scheduling and basic reporting tools. Upgrading to a Classic ($4 per user per month) or Enterprise (custom priced) plan adds increasingly advanced tools.


(Image credit: Paycor)

5. Paycor Scheduling

Streamline all aspects of employee scheduling

Attractive user interface
Competitive prices
Drag-and-drop schedule editor
Great for small businesses
Customization is limited

Paycor Scheduling is a relatively new program designed to streamline all aspects of employee scheduling. It comes with both mobile and desktop apps, has a simple shift reminder tool, and allows you to save schedule templates for future use.

On top of this, the more expensive Paycor Scheduling Pro includes the ability to create advanced scheduling rules, group chat tools, and a suite of budget-planning features.

One of the main downsides of the Paycor Scheduling program is that it’s only available with a Paycor subscription. The cheapest plan starts at $99 per month, and prices increase rapidly if more advanced functionality is required.