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Every 83-inch OLED TV you can buy

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Sony TV 2021
(Image credit: Sony)

83-inch OLED TVs have arrived. The new, massive screen size has come to a select number of new OLED TVs in 2021, in what marks the start of a new sizing category for the premium panel technology.

Sure, an 83-inch OLED TV may sound too large (or pricey) for some, but it marks a significant expansion for today's TV brands, given that OLED has long been limited to a small handful of 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch sizes.

Of course, things are a bit different these days. We saw a big push into 48-inch OLED TVs last year, with 42-inch models reportedly on the horizon, while 88-inch is now the size of choice for 8K OLED TVs.

But when 77 inches simply isn't enough, one of the 83-inch OLED TVs below may give you the additional scale and impact that you're after. It's worth noting, too, that both of these models – the LG C1 and Sony A90J – are high-end 4K TVs, meaning you won't be getting a large screen with a compromised picture.

Read on for more details on the 83-inch OLED TVs on the market so far, as well as just how much they're going to cost you.


(Image credit: LG)


LG leads the way with the first 83-inch OLED TV

Screen size: 83-inch
Resolution: 4K
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: webOS
Dimensions: 1851 x 1062 x 55.3 mm
Reasons to buy
+Beautiful 4K/HDR picture+Four HDMI 2.1 ports
Reasons to avoid
-Reflective glass surface-No HDR10+

The LG C1 is the first 83-inch OLED to hit the market, bringing LG's 2021 C Series to a massive new size. It's retailing now for $5,999 / £6,999 / AU$12,599 – a big step up from the 77 inches model, which retails for $3,499 / £3,999 / AU$6,995, but with a form factor that'll certainly impress any guests.

You can expect a breathtaking 4K HDR picture, with Dolby Vision (but not HDR10+_ support for keen cinephiles, along with OLED's trademark deep blacks, rich colors and infinite contrast ratio.

As of 2021, LG is making use of an a9 Gen 4 chipset, which adds in AI processing to between distinguish between objects and their backgrounds – something that's at the heart of a lot of advancements in today's TV market. This stellar OLED TV packs in four dedicated HDMI 2.1 ports (ideal fo next-gen gaming) and even comes with a new Game Optimiser menu that gives you the option to quickly adjust brightness, contrast and VRR on the fly.

The LG C1 isn’t flawless, as we did encounter issues around how the new a9 Gen 4 processor upscales faces, and how reflective the all-glass screen is during daylight hours, but the issues are few and far between. Overall you're getting a knockout OLED TV, and this 83-inch size will only make its charms all the more obvious.

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Sony A9S/A9 OLED

(Image credit: Sony)

2. Sony A90J OLED

Sony's 2021 4K OLED flagship is impressive, no more so than at this 83-inch size

Screen size: 83-inch
Resolution: 4K
Panel type: OLED
Smart TV: Google TV
Dimensions: 1850 x 1067 x 53 mm
Reasons to buy
+Best-in-class upscaling+Acoustic Surface+ audio
Reasons to avoid
-No Freeview Play-No HDR10+

The Sony A90J is an incredibly return to form for Sony, despite (or perhaps because of) its high asking price.

This is a very premium OLED television. Picture quality, from any source, is about as good as it currently gets from any 4K screen. In every meaningful department – motion control, contrast, edge definition, detail levels, you name it. Even upscaling from SD and HD sources is a joy to watch on this accomplished screen.

60W speakers mean the audio packs more of a punch than the LG C1 (40W), though its curious sound system insists on literally shaking the A90J's panel to emit sound. It's a resourceful technology, and certainly impressed our reviewer, though some may prefer a more traditional soundbar setup instead – especially as the A90J's adjustable feet make it easy to fit one underneath the screen.

Add in a smart new Google TV interface, the usual Sony standard of build and finish, an exclusive movie streaming service, and a well-designed remote control – ignoring the inexplicable lack of UK TV catch-up services – and the A90J looks like the complete package.

The 83-inch size only magnifies the cost, of course, though the price difference between it and the LG C1 above will depend on your region. In the US, the A90J is about $2,000 more expensive (at $7,999), but in the UK both screens sit at an identical £6,999. US shoppers should almost certainly opt for the C1, unless they have some serious cash to spare, but UK shoppers should probably opt for the A90J instead.

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