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Spencer Waldron
Spencer Waldron

Spencer is Prezi’s Director of Global Communications.

He is a results driven, career marketing professional with a demonstrated success of working in the tech industry. He is currently taking care of Prezi's global brand communications where he helps people have better meetings.

He spent much of his last 10 years helping people be better visual communicators & storytellers through understanding how to build connection and trust with our communications.

He loves trying to find new and refreshing ways to encourage customers to move forward and acheive their goals. His approach centers on purposeful creativity; courage & curiosity for the uncharted, and unshakeable advocacy for client value.

He found that the more things change, the more constant that change becomes. The environment around us is constantly shifting and we need to shift with it. He made a career in understanding how these pieces are fitting together and how new tools & platforms can 10X the marketing strategies and go to market plans.

Because of this he is now heavily focused on adding value through Video Communication & Marketing as part of the global launch team for Prezi Video.

His specialties include: European market introduction, Marketing & Go To Market Strategies, Sales Acceleration, Corportate Communication, Brand Communication, Leadership communication, PR, Global Strategy Development and International Business Development.

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