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Mitrankur Majumdar

Mitrankur Majumdar is the Vice President and Regional Head—Services, Americas at Infosys. 

Mitrankur is a passionate, innovative and strategic business leader with 23 years of experience specializing in executing business transformation through technology and process intervention. At Infosys, Mitrankur is responsible for positioning the company as a global systems integrator across Information services, Publishing, Professional services, Education, Travel, Hospitality and EPC companies. Apart from helping his customers with their IT or BPO landscape he is also passionate about helping his customers leverage robotic process automation to generate efficiency, artificial intelligence to solve complex business problems, benefit from the digital transformation, Big Data to get insights, complete their cloud transformation journey and much more. In his role as a Regional Head, Mitrankur is responsible for creating a strategy to generate profitable revenue from a set of industry sectors, executing the strategy with the help of a set of sales team, marketing team, delivery team and others. 

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