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Miglia Dialog + review

An excellent IP phone but with a hefty price tag

Our Verdict

A strong signal range and easy contact syncing


  • Good performance and range


  • Pricey

TechRadar Verdict

A strong signal range and easy contact syncing


  • +

    Good performance and range


  • -


Paying £70 for a Skype phone is a bit steep: you can pick them up for half that. But this is a particularly nice one.

In the box is a USB dongle and software driver. The quick-start guide gets you past syncing the phone with your Mac; however there's no mention of the fact that the boxed USB recharging cable needs to be attached between the phone and the Mac while you install the driver. That little nugget of information would have saved ten minutes of head scratching.

Once synced, you can use this with iChat, Skype and a gambit of other messengers and internet phone services. This is a walkabout phone with an excellent signal range. We moved approximately 30m away before the conversation started to break up.

On its wee LED screen you get to scroll contacts already loaded into Skype and iChat. There's also a customisable voice recorder that will record your call in a range of different quality audio files. This package has everything going for it except, of course, the rather weighty price.