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Nokia E61 review

A smartphone that crams everything in bar the kitchen sink

Cramming in everything bar the kitchen sink is what the E61 is about

TechRadar Verdict

A useful business tool with all the features you could need


  • +

    Packed with features

    Well priced

    Simple navigation


  • -

    No camera

Cramming in everything bar the kitchen sink is what the E61 is about, with a feature list that includes everything a smartphone should offer.

It's got quad-band GSM; 3G support; 802.11b/g; a 39-key QWERTY keyboard for easy data entry; and additional software offering standard features such as synchronisation with email clients, topped off with VoIP functionality via SIP.

Making use of the Symbian S60 operating system and its mature web applications, Nokia is competing with Blackberry. The personal organiser is as intuitive as Outlook on a desktop PC.

In addition to the keyboard, navigation is done with a small joystick that allows one-handed operation, handy considering the E61's large dimensions and the number of menus there are. It also makes using the web browser a lot easier, moving a pointer to click on links and move the focus of the preview window.

Although the E61 lacks a camera, the astonishingly low price makes up for it. Couple the value with an extensive feature list and you have an indispensable business tool.