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AMD athlon 64 x2 3800+ review

Hanging in there

This could form the whirring brain of a comically cheap rig

Our Verdict

A surprisingly commendable budget chip


  • Supremely affordable


  • A measly 2GHz

TechRadar Verdict

A surprisingly commendable budget chip


  • +

    Supremely affordable


  • -

    A measly 2GHz

Life always finds a way. Find a rock in the Core 2-ravaged post-apocalyptic processor wasteland, peer under it and look!

There's a little 3800 cowering from the light. Less than £50, a mere 2GHz and 1MB of shared cache, yet still it survives. It's not far behind the £80 Core 2 E4300 out of the box and, even if it doesn't match that tiny beast's overclocking prowess, it can still be made to match its 400MHz faster 4600+ sibling without much trouble.

If you're building a PC for gaming, an extra £30-50 spent on a Core 2 makes all the difference to your overall experience. If you're constructing a budget second PC though, a media centre system to pump HD video to your telly perhaps, then this is a quiet victory for AMD. You can build that sucker dirt cheap thanks to this.