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Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander review

Extend your network

Our Verdict

Works well, but do you really need it?


  • Unique product


  • Expensive

TechRadar Verdict

Works well, but do you really need it?


  • +

    Unique product


  • -


Compatible with both 802.11b and g, the WRE54G Range Expander is undeniably a simple solution to add range to your network. It's one of the only examples of such kit on the market, too. Acting as a repeater, the WRE54G picks up signal from your existing router or access point and bounces it.

We envisage it to be most useful when you have good range in the main part of your house or office, but poor range in another part of the building. It could also help in multi-storey homes - after all, it's cheaper than Powerline for this purpose.

However, for £58 you have to wonder if you could just use a cheap wireless access point as a repeater - you should be able to pick up one of these for around £40. Where the WRE54G does have an advantage is that it doesn't need to be connected to your network via Ethernet unlike a second access point. The unit also has a generous three-year warranty. Dan Grabham