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Moto G7 review

The return of the master budget phone

Image Credit: TechRadar


Motorola has done it again with the Moto G7. It's difficult to think of other handsets at this price that stun us as much as this handset does.

The rest of the Moto G7 family impresses as well, but the standard G7 is good enough for most who want a more affordable handset than the flagship devices out there but don't want to compromise much on spec.

Who’s it for?

Image Credit: TechRadar

Image Credit: TechRadar

This is for anyone who doesn't want to spend lots on their next smartphone, but also doesn't want to lose good performance and a big beautiful display.

If you want a phone that does everything pretty well, the Moto G7 will impress you. There isn't much unique about the phone, but considering it's around a third of the price of many other top-end devices that likely won't matter to you.

The one thing to bear in mind is the camera isn't going to be able to take stunning shots, and if you live in the US you won't have access to Google Pay. There's no solution for the NFC problem in the Moto G7 range, but opt for the Moto G7 Plus if you're after an improved camera.

Should you buy it?

If you're that person that's after a better deal rather than the top-end best selling features you'll find on flagship devices, you'll probably love what the Moto G7 can offer you.

In fact, you may find the real problem is choosing between the Moto G7 family. The Power is particularly good if you're after strong battery life, while the Plus if there if you're happy to spend a little extra and get some improved spec.

If you're on the lookout for a phone that works well without most of the bells and whistles the big phone manufacturers are trying to sell you, the Moto G7 will suit you perfectly.

The competition

Don’t think the Moto G7 is designed for you? We’ve put together some competing handsets that deserve your attention.

Honor 10

Image Credit: Honor

Image Credit: Honor

Originally this handset cost a lot more than the Moto G7, but since it’s been out for a while now and with rumors of an Honor 20 on the way you should be able to buy the Honor 10 for far less making it a suitable handset in this price bracket.

The Honor 10’s camera is far more impressive than what the G7 can achieve, it’s more powerful and the design is a little jazzier than Motorola’s offering. You won’t be able to easily find this in the US, but if you can get one it’s a great alternative.

Moto G7 Plus

Image Credit: Motorola

Image Credit: Motorola

Announced alongside the Moto G7, the Moto G7 Plus features various improvements that may interest you to spend a bit extra on your next handset. 

The chipset inside is a touch more powerful, plus you’ll get an improved camera over what the Moto G7 offers.

Moto G6

Image Credit: Motorola

Image Credit: Motorola

The design isn’t much different, and now it’s far cheaper as the Moto G7 is here.

You won’t get such a powerful phone and it’s missing some of the top-end features like the improved display but if money is your main concern the Moto G6 isn’t a bad choice for you right now.

First reviewed: February 2019

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