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Dyson Pure Cool (2018) review

Breathe easy

Our Verdict

The Dyson Pure Cool is a great addition to any space, and works tirelessly to ensure that air quality is never compromised. However it can get quite noisy at higher speeds, and the price tag might keep some people at bay.


  • Quick purification
  • Good air circulation


  • Noisy at higher fan speeds
  • Expensive

TechRadar Verdict

The Dyson Pure Cool is a great addition to any space, and works tirelessly to ensure that air quality is never compromised. However it can get quite noisy at higher speeds, and the price tag might keep some people at bay.


  • + Quick purification
  • + Good air circulation


  • - Noisy at higher fan speeds
  • - Expensive

More and more people are opting to install air purifiers in their homes around Dubai. In a city that’s still predominantly surrounded by desert, it’s important to keep dust and other harmful particles away from your indoor space, and air purifiers offer a straightforward way to accomplish this.

Of course, no two air purifiers are created equal – some only offer basic purification and require much more maintenance than they’re worth. Others, like the Dyson Pure Cool, offer a much more sophisticated approach to air quality, supported by some well-designed hardware and intelligent software.

Price and availability

The Dyson Pure Cool comes in two sizes, depending on your needs. The larger oval version is meant to stand on the floor or be kept discreetly in the corner, and retails for AED 2,518.95. The shorter, desktop-friendly model that we reviewed comes in at AED 2,308.95, and is perfect if you want a space-saving air purifier solution instead.

Placement and setup

The Dyson Pure Cool is small enough to sit on your desk or a nearby shelf, and is more than capable of sitting quietly in the corner minding its own business while quietly purifying the air. It absolutely screams of Dyson’s design aesthetic, so anyone looking at it will instantly recognize the future-looking device.

A handy circular LCD screen tells you the overall air quality, as well as when pollutants are detected in the air. It’s a quick way to see how good your air quality is at a glance, with more in-depth information available in the companion app.

The Pure Cool also functions as a regular fan as it purifies, offering ten different fan speeds to keep you cool. If you’d rather not have the air blowing at you, the Pure Cool has a Backward airflow mode so that the unit can purify the air without cooling you directly.

On either side of the Pure Cool’s base is the filtration system that features a glass HEPA filter as well as a carbon filter. The filters don’t have to be washed out as with other air purifiers – you simply change the filter entirely when the app prompts you to do so. Dyson recommends changing these once a year, based on an average of 12 hours of purification every day. The filters can weed out pollutants as small as 0.1 microns, in addition to detect air quality levels on PM 2.5, PM 10, VOC and NO2.

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The Pure Cool can also oscillate up to 350 degrees, meaning that you can get clean air blown into pretty much every corner of a room. It can also be tilted slightly if you want to direct airflow upwards instead, and can project up to 290 liters of purified air per second.

Features and performance

You can quite easily operate the Pure Cool using the bundled remote only, but to get the most of it you’ll want to get it connected to WiFi and download the Dyson companion app. Here you can see just how hard the Pure Cool has been working to purify your environment, as well as track how your air quality has changed over time.

If you thought that opening your apartment window to get a bit of fresh air was a good idea, then think again. We opened a window in our test studio apartment, and within 40 seconds the Pure Cool immediately whipped into overdrive, reporting dangerously high levels of NO2 and setting the fan speed to 10 to purify the space quickly. 

When we were cooking in the open kitchen about 5m away, the Pure Cool detected odors and set the fan speed to 8, which helped stop any smells from spreading around the apartment. In another instance when we accidentally sprayed deodorant near it, the Pure Cool was quick to respond with a quick 30-second blast of fresh air to keep the air circulating properly. 

There’s a convenient Night mode as well, which allows you to set how long the Pure Cool should run for at night before it turns off. This is also useful to run it at lower noise levels, and with a dimmer screen. You can also pair the Pure Cool with compatible voice services such as Amazon Alexa, as well as controlling it remotely via the Dyson app.

Final verdict

The Dyson Pure Cool is a great device to have in any space, and makes quick work of whatever you throw at it. From food odors to outdoor pollutants, it’s capable of detecting almost anything in the air, and works efficiently at keeping the air clean and fresh.

Yes, it’s pricey to pick up, but it’s a solid investment to make for the benefit of your health and home. It can run a bit noisy at higher fan speeds, but if you leave it in Auto mode the Pure Cool will handle everything efficiently, so you won’t hear it roar to life too often. If you’re in the market for an effective air purifier that can also keep you cool in the warmer months, this is the one to beat.

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