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Dyson Cyclone V10 review

Vacuuming is now a breeze

Our Verdict

The Dyson Cyclone V10 may be the company’s best cordless vacuum cleaner yet, but there are a few design quirks that hold it back. It's capable of tackling any number of cleaning duties, but just be prepared for its price tag.


  • Great cleaning performance
  • Sleek design
  • Versatile attachments


  • Non-removable battery
  • Considerably pricey

Dyson has been churning out some interesting pieces of kit for a long time now. Whether it’s a simple fan, air purifier, or even a hair dryer, each product combines design, portability, and performance into one robust package.

The trend continues with its latest cordless vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Cyclone V10. Dyson has taken its flagship product and reworked a number of things, resulting in a more powerful vacuum that not only looks great, but also performs exceptionally well across multiple floor types.

Price & availability

The Dyson V10 is set to launch in the UAE at some point in September, but we’re still waiting for official pricing to be revealed as well. While there are a few different versions of the V10 available overseas, two models are set to be available in the UAE, each with presumably different attachments and features.

Pricing will be the biggest decider as well – in the US the Cyclone V10 Absolute (which we received) is priced at $699, but we’re anticipating a slightly higher price point when it’s officially available here. Still $699 equates to approximately AED 2,560, which would seem a lot to pay for a domestic cleaning appliance.  


The V10 introduces changes both in its design as well as its tech. For one thing, the dustbin and cyclone array are all lined up in the same row, with attachments snapping easily on to the end, just before the bin.

Powering the 14-chamber cyclone array is Dyson’s latest motor, capable of 125,000 rpm, up from 108,000 rpm on the V8. That’s a lot of suction power to be playing around with, and it certainly comes through when you start using the V10.

While the V8 allowed you to empty its bin without technically having to remove whatever cleaning attachment you were using, you now need to disconnect everything from the bin before you can clean it out. The process is easy to do over a trashcan or plastic bag – simply position the bin over a bag, and press down on the red lever on the side. The entire bin then slides down and empties, meaning little to no contact with any dirty surfaces or dust flying in your face.

The rearranged components also means more efficient suction power, with airflow going straight through the bin and filter in one swift motion.

Included in our Absolute model were six attachments in total, each for different cleaning situations. The first is the direct-drive head, which comes with strong bristles that is best for digging dirt out of carpets. Next is the soft roller head, which is a good choice for hard floors. The soft head is good at picking up dirt from between tiles, and can also tackle larger debris such as bits of cereal (or the occasional Lego brick).

The mini motorized tool snaps directly on to the motor, and is good for cleaning in tight spaces such as on stairs, furniture, or even in your car. The combination tool has a wide nozzle for quickly sucking up things, or you can push on the release button to convert it to a dusting brush that’s good for cleaning grooves or AC vents. Lastly there’s the crevice tool, which is perfect for getting into corners or between couch cushions.

Included in the box is a standard wall charger as well as a wall mount, so depending on your setup you can either charge and then hide the V10 away, or hang it up proudly on the wall to show off to visitors.

When it comes to charging, the V10 charges up in about three and a half hours from zero battery to full. The battery sadly isn’t removable, so you can’t have a spare battery on standby to swap if you run out of charge. It’s a missed opportunity, especially for when you’re cleaning larger spaces and don’t want to wait in between charges.


No matter what we were trying to clean, the V10 blazed through without any issues. Our first test was on a high-pile rug, which had plenty of cat fur and other bits of debris lodged into it. After a few passes on each area, the V10 was able to dig deep and dislodge pretty much everything in there, and we were amazed at how full the bin was after we had finished cleaning just the one rug.

We then moved on to a carpeted room, where plenty of dust and dirt were picked up, especially near the entrance. The direct-drive head is easy to navigate across carpets, and turns with just a gentle flick of the wrist.

For tiled floors in the kitchen we scattered chunks of muesli and even a good dusting of flour, making sure that everything was spread out on the floor, especially in between the tiles. The soft roller head again made quick work of this, swiftly picking everything up and directing it into the bin. We had to run it over the tiles a few times to dislodge all of the flour, and when we cranked up the suction on the second pass, it picked up any bits that it had missed.

Cleaning other awkward spaces like under the couch or air vents was another breeze, and in a nutshell the V10 was able to tackle everything we threw at it – including an impromptu cleanup of a car. It was also very adept at snatching up pet hair, though you're going to want to stop cleaning halfway through to empty the bin, just to maximize your cleaning efficiency. 

Having said that, there are some things to note about the V10 that you should keep in mind before splurging on one. It does tend to feel quite heavy after about twenty minutes of vacuuming, and if you’re holding it upright to clean ceiling corners or vents, then you’re going to need to use both hands to keep your balance.

It’s also slightly uncomfortable to use if you’re a taller person, say over six feet or so. The problem here is that you can’t quite steer or direct the V10 properly if you’re just standing normally. You have to lean forward a little bit in order to feel in control of the V10, and after a while it really does get tiring both on your wrist and on your back.

The other thing to note is that you have to pull a small trigger on the V10 in order to start vacuuming. There’s no way to lock this in place, so after a while your finger is going to get tired from holding that trigger in. Dyson says that this is on purpose so that if you stop vacuuming in order to move furniture around, the battery isn’t wasted by leaving the V10 running.

Speaking of battery, this is the other thing you have to keep in mind. Dyson quotes a 60 minute use on a full charge, but that’s only if you’re using a non-motorized cleaning head, and you’re using the lowest suction power. On medium suction and the direct-drive head equipped, we were able to get about 24 minutes of vacuuming power before it needed a recharge. 

On its maximum suction setting you’re going to get about five minutes of constant use, but you’re unlikely to run it in this mode for extended periods of time. It’s best saved for if there’s really stubborn dirt that’s clinging to your carpet.

Final verdict

The Dyson Cyclone V10 seems like the ultimate household toy, and on many levels it did bring forth a sort of child-like glee when we were using it. It’s got incredible suction and dirt-snatching powers, and anyone who’s tired of hunting down the right power socket to be able to clean a room will certainly appreciate the cord-free magic the V10 can offer.

There is of course, the matter of battery life. If you can systematically clean your house in under half an hour, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. For larger spaces or for multiple floors, you’re going to have to take a break while your V10 charges back up before resuming your cleaning duties. It can also get a bit tiring to carry around while you’re vacuuming for long periods, as opposite to a normal vacuum cleaner that obediently rolls around after you.

Lastly, it’s going to be an expensive investment to make. Spending over AED 2,000 on something like a vacuum cleaner may sound absurd to some people, but you get what you pay for – a slick, dirt-eating machine. There’s plenty to appreciate about the Dyson Cyclone V10, and if you ever have the chance to try one out, you’re going to most certainly want to buy one yourself.

Nick Rego

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