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Apacer Disc Steno CP-200 review

A stylish CD burner that's just as happy in front of the TV

The Apacer looks and feels the part, with modern styling, tough plastic exterior and a front-loading CD tray. Lettering on the tray gives away the fact it can read DVDs, even if it can't write them (useful as the drive can be used like any other when connected to a PC, and as a card reader).

There's no LCD image playback, but considering the hash the Nixvue makes of this, it might be just as well. The small blue screen is there to let you know when copying starts and finishes, and to give you the option of either secure or fast-copy modes, as well as instructions for viewing images on a TV screen.

A remote control is supplied for this purpose, and allows you to access the usual playback features. A rechargeable battery is also supplied, along with a mains adaptor/battery charger, which sets this unit above the Nixvue and its mains-power reliance. In fast mode the test card was all done and dusted in 5 minutes 29 seconds, which is decent for 512Mb.

Lovely looking, decent enough features and a good transfer rate for CD-Rs. Matt Henry