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Beko Telvo Duo TKM8961 Turkish Coffee Machine review

Fear-free Turkish coffee

Beko Telvo Duo
(Image: © Beko)

Our Verdict

Anyone who loves Turkish Coffee is going to enjoy having the Beko Telvo Duo Turkish Coffee Machine at home, simply because it takes so much of hassle out of making this rather tricky brew. It may take a bit of trial and error to get the perfect cup, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll enjoy every sip.


  • Easy to use
  • Good capacity


  • Pots can stain easily
  • Takes up counter space

30-second review

While there are plenty of espresso makers out in the market, it’s rare that you see a machine dedicated to making Turkish coffee. If you’re a fan of this thick, strong brew, then the Beko Telvo Duo Turkish Coffee Machine is definitely something to have in your kitchen.

What’s impressive about it is that it makes enough Turkish coffee to serve six people, and while that might be great for larger gatherings, it’s a bit of overkill if you just occasionally want a single cup. This also means that the machine is larger than most single-brew machines, so you’ll need to have enough counter space to keep it handy.

But what the Beko Telvo Duo does well is a good cup of coffee. Turkish coffee can be a bit finicky to prepare, so this machine takes a lot of the guesswork (and mess) out of preparing it. In under a minute or two, you’ll have a frothy cup of coffee in your hands, and enough caffeine to get you through your day.

Price and availability

The Beko Telvo Duo is available now, and is priced at AED 1,119. For brewing multiple cups of coffee for up to six people at a time, that price point is justified. But if you’re the only person drinking Turkish coffee and just want to make a cup or two through the day, then it might be priced a bit high.


With tones of black and copper, the Beko Telvo Duo will look great on any countertop. Front and center are the two copper pots, each capable of holding three cups of coffee. At the back is a removable 1.5l water reservoir, which has a hidden carrying handle that makes it easy to take out to refill.

Beko Telvo Duo

(Image credit: Beko)

At the top you’ll find all of your control buttons – these allow you to set the cup size as well as indicate how many cups of coffee you’d like to brew per pot. And that’s about it – the machine is incredibly easy to use and keeps buttons to a minimum to avoid over-complicating things.


While most coffee machines will heat up water and pass it through coffee grounds, the Beko Telvo Duo actually does the reverse by adding room-temperature water to the pot and then boiling it to create the necessary body and froth associated with Turkish coffee.

To use the Beko Telvo Duo, you simply place sugar and the coffee grounds into the pot directly – ensuring of course that you use Turkish coffee and not just regular coffee grounds. It’s also important that you add sugar to the pot rather than to your cup, because if you add it to the cup and stir, you end up dissolving all of the rich froth that the machine creates.

Beko Telvo Duo

(Image credit: Beko)

Once the grounds and in the pot and it’s back in the machine, you simply press the button for how many servings you want, depending of course on how much coffee you’ve put in the pot. You can also choose the size of your cups – from 60ml to 80ml, all with a button press. The machine then sprays a jet of water into the pot to fill it up, which is angled in such a way that it creates a small whirlpool to stir together the coffee and sugar. 

After the water has been dispensed, the machine then heats the bottom of the pot through conduction, which usually takes a few minutes depending on how many servings you’re preparing. Thanks to the material used, the pot is heated evenly, which prevents burning and ensures proper heating.

The Beko Telvo Duo is careful to boil the coffee just right, so that there’s no fear of it spilling over like it would on the stove if left unattended. Once the coffee is ready, the machine emits a small beep and you can directly (and quickly) pour the coffee into serving cups. Here again, time is of the essence – coffee that’s left in the pot for too long will start to lose its foam, and will also have the coffee grounds settled at the bottom of the pot.

Cleaning the pots is a simple affair – just wash it gently by hand and then dry it immediately. You’ll notice that the inside of the pots can stain quite quickly – as they did while we were using them – so just follow the instructions in the user manual to descale the pots.

Overall, the Beko Telvo Duo does a great job of brewing a good cup of Turkish coffee. The foam on top is just right, and the ease at which the machine operates means that you can turn it on, press a button, and walk away to chat to guests while your coffee is safely brewing. The obvious downside of course is that you can only make Turkish coffee in this machine, making it a niche product just like an espresso machine. However, if you really enjoy having Turkish coffee and don’t want to live with the perils of it boiling all over your stove, then the Beko Telvo Duo is a clear winner to add to your kitchen.

Should I buy the  Beko Telvo Duo?

Beko Telvo Duo

(Image credit: Beko)

Buy it if…

You really like Turkish coffee
Forget about the mess and fear of making Turkish coffee on your stove ever again – this handy machine will make you the perfect cup every time.

Your friends really like Turkish coffee
With the ability to brew up to six cups at a time, you’ll be sharing your coffee goodness with your friends in just a few button presses.

Don’t buy it if

You want to use it for regular coffee
The Beko Telvo Duo really is designed to do one thing, so if you want the occasional regular cup of coffee, you’ll have to brew that yourself.

You’ve not got the space
Even if you just want to brew coffee for yourself, the Beko Telvo Duo takes up quite a bit of counter space.

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