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You can now finally get your hands on a PlayStation VR headset

After what feels like an eternity, Sony’s virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR, is now available to buy. 

First announced under the name Project Morpheus in 2014, the headset is the first virtual reality headset to be compatible with a games console rather than a gaming PC. 

Unfortunately, you’ll need a couple more accessories in addition to just a PS4 console to make use of the new headset. 

Additional hardware

At the very minimum you’ll need a PlayStation camera in order to track the headset’s movement, but it’s also worthwhile investing in a pair of PlayStation Move controllers which we’ve found to be a much more intuitive way of interacting with virtual reality. 

Thankfully we’ve also compiled a list of the best deals for the camera and move controllers which you can find below our PlayStation VR deals here

If you’re still unsure about whether you want a PlayStation VR, check out our full PlayStation VR review, and if you need some games to play, check out our guide to the best PlayStation VR games

Jon Porter

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