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Watch this guy fly a jetpack around Beijing


Don't blink, you might miss this awesome 30-second clip of Beijing's first rocket man Nick Macomber as he describes his experience of flying the GoFast Jetpack.

Macomber flew through the skies on July 11 before landing safely back to the ground.

"It feels like you're riding a bicycle into the sky," Macomber told the Xinhua News Agency. "It's like you have a rocket strapped to your back, and you can point it in any direction you want … I'm like a bird. I just see where I want to go and I go."

According to China Daily, over 1,000 spectators gathered to watch Macomber fly roughly 10 stories in the air using a hydrogen peroxide-powered jetpack.

But, as you might imagine, the futuristic flying device isn't quite ready for the widespread market: It can only fly for about 30 seconds before its three fuel cells are depleted, which China Daily equates to about 800 meters.

Troy Widgery, GoFast Jetpack's designer, told the news outlet that there's already a second device in the design phase that's based off a turbine and should theoretically extend flight time to about 30 minutes.

Until then, we can only watch in wonder as one man conquers the skies, burning out his fuse up there alone. (And yes, that's an intentional reference to "Rocket Man.")

Nick Pino

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