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Watch this flamethrower-equipped drone roast a turkey

A drone equipped with a flamethrower sets fire to a holiday turkey
Image Credit: Hogwit (via YouTube)

Weaponized drones for the military are one thing, but this reckless marvel of ingenuity is another. In this video uploaded to YouTube, an unmanned aerial craft armed with a fully-functional flamethrower does a number on a turkey, resulting one the most bizarre uses for a drone that we've seen in a while.

The creator behind the video and drone, Connecticut teenager Austin Haughwout, is shown maneuvering the craft as it turns the backyard in to an aerial barbecue pit.

According to an interview with Haughwout's father via WTNH News, the turkey's immolation was done under what he believes to be safe conditions, away from people or dry brush and with fire extinguishers nearby.

While difficult to tell how safe the conditions were in this particular instance, experiments involving weapons and civilian drones concern both the public as well as drone advocates who could face serious regulation.

In fact, Haughwout made waves earlier this year when a drone he constructed armed with a functional semiautomatic pistol caught the attention of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Events like this, in addition to other recent incidents involving unmanned aircraft, led a task force assembling this fall to look over the matter, including stricter safety regulations and mandatory registration of all drones in the U.S.

Image Credit: Hogwit (via YouTube)

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