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Watch The Doctor explain 100 years of Einstein's theory of relativity


Today marks 100 years since Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity, a theory considered to be one of the most important scientific achievements of the last century.

And while special conferences and events are being held today - and have been held this past year - to celebrate the anniversary during what has been dubbed the International Year of Light - to fully understand the theory itself can be a bit mind-boggling.

To help break down the theory, and to help celebrate it's 100th anniversary, the Science and Technology Facilities Council in the UK have put together a short animated video that explains the theory of general relativity and it's impact during the last century.

The video is narrated by actor David Tennant, who appropriately played the reality- and time-jumping title role in Doctor Who, and is currently playing Kilgrave in the Netflix series Marvel's Jessica Jones.

You can check out the video below, and maybe you'll be able to impress with your knowledge of relativity.