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First-ever Warcraft movie trailer is coming this week

Warcraft The Beginning

Legendary Pictures announced that it will be dropping the first-ever trailer for the film on Friday, November 6. Previously, footage has been shown only behind closed doors, so most Warcraft fans have been stuck waiting.

To keep you busy until then, check out the new poster to ogle for hints as to what we'll be seeing more of in the movie.

Warcraft movie

If you were a bit confused as to when the hotly-anticipated Warcraft movie takes place within the canon, its freshly updated title should help clear things right up. The film is now officially titled (in non-US territories) 'Warcraft: The Beginning', which will likely shed some light onto the origins of the war between orcs and humans. It's still called regular ol' 'Warcraft' in the US.

We'll be updating this article with the full trailer once it hits later in the week. As for the movie itself, that will be out on June 3, 2016.

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