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This space tech will save Earth from an asteroid attack

Don't be scared of an asteroid impact

Space agencies across the world marked World Asteroid Day on 30 June by releasing details of their plans to protect the human race from a dinosaur-extinction scenaro.

The European Space Agency put out a video showing off its proposed Asteroid Impact Mission, which aims to deflect an asteroid with a "kinetic impactor" - a big projectile that knocks an space rock off its course, like a pool ball.

As well as defence, it's possible that we might be able to use the same technology to capture platinum-rich asteroids and make them available for mining - paying for the cost of the mission many times over.

Meanwhile, the American Museum of Natural History released a video of their own, detailing several other asteroid-deflection proposals. It includes breaking asteroids into smaller pieces and directing smaller space rocks into the ocean. Go watch:

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