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This is what the first legal US drone delivery looked like

Flirtey drone

The first legal - and successful - drone delivery in the US was made late last week in Wise County, Va.

Australian start-up and drone-maker Flirtey teamed up with NASA and the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership at Virginia Tech University to delivery medicines to a free clinic to showcase the difficulties of delivering healthcare in rural areas, which also helped provide a use-case for drone deliveries.

NASA had the medical supplies delivered to an airport in Wise, Va., with Flirtey's drone then delivering the supplies in multiple trips to the medical clinic.

"Flirtey has successfully delivered 24 medical packages to patients in Wise County, making history as the first approved US drone delivery!" Flirtey tweeted.

Though the US Federal Aviation Administration has banned all commercial drone deliveries, it had approved testing by Virginia Tech, as long as the drone is always in sight of the pilot.

"Flirtey has just completed the first FAA approved drone delivery in the U.S. - a Kitty Hawk moment in Wise Virginia," Flirtey said in another Twitter post.

You can see the video of the delivery below, all from the drone's POV: