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The tech we need for Deep Space exploration

Deep space exploration tech

Spacecraft launch

Image credit: Nasa

We got to the Moon, built the International Space Station (ISS)… so what's next? Armstrong et al walked on the Moon 46 years ago, and since then we've all blindly assumed that inter-stellar travel can't be far away – but it's time to reign-in expectations and do some serious science.

Robotic missions might be buzzing around our neighbouring planets, and there's talk of sending man to Mars in the 2030s, but even that requires some serious new tech.

Jamie is a freelance tech, travel and space journalist based in the UK. He’s been writing regularly for Techradar since it was launched in 2008 and also writes regularly for Forbes, The Telegraph, the South China Morning Post, Sky & Telescope and the Sky At Night magazine as well as other Future titles T3, Digital Camera World, All About Space and He also edits two of his own websites, and that reflect his obsession with travel gear and solar eclipse travel. He is the author of A Stargazing Program For Beginners (Springer, 2015),