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The future of anti-aging might not involve going under the knife


Scientists believe they can slow down old age with a new drug that could extend life and have you live up to 110 or 120 years old.

Reported by the Telegraph, the drug in question, metformin, is used to combat diabetes, but tests on animals have also shown the aging process to slow down.

While it's no fountain of youth promising immortality, the Food and Drug Administration in the US has approved testing the drug in humans starting as early as next year, according to the Telegraph.

Slowing down diseases

While the expectant life expectancy currently is about 82 for women and 78 for men, scientists believe the drug could extend this to about 110 to 120 years old.

Scientists are hoping that by slowing down aging, the drug will also be able slow down the onslaught of age-related diseases, like Alzheimer's and dementia, while also slowing down the progress of a disease, like cancer and Parkinson's.

If the tests prove successful, it will essentially mean that an 80 year old will be biologically as healthy as a 60 year old.

Still, with testing to begin next year, expect a few more years before you start planning your 100th birthday party.