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Gulliver's Travels 3D star hits out at 3D

3D glasses - not well-liked
3D glasses - not well-liked

In what can hardly be seen as a glowing endorsement of the 3D in new movie Gulliver's Travels, star Emily Blunt has admitted to feeling uncomfortable in 3D glasses.

Gulliver's Travels will arrive on Boxing Day, with 'star' Jack Black playing the eponymous hero/slacker.

The film is, as you would expect, available in 3D, but Black's co-star Blunt has confessed that she's not a fan of donning the specs over her own glasses.

3D specs - not liked

3D specs - not liked


"Do you wear your glasses and the 3D glasses? She asked South African site iOL. "Because that's what I have to do and I find it an uncomfortable experience!"

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but considering the early reviews have been less than delighted with the film itself, and even more scathing about the post-production 3D, then perhaps not too unexpected.

The glasses over glasses question is unlikely to go away, however, but manufacturers are beginning to work out how to make lighter and stylish specs so things may improve fairly soon.

And if not then you can always settle in for the long, hard wait for an autostereoscopic television.

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