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Sphero's BB-8 update gives us (tiny) hints about Star Wars: The Force Awakens


The latest Sphero BB-8 update has given us a few very, very tiny hints about Star Wars: The Force Awakens - including some new dialogue from C-3PO.

The internal update gives people with the already hugely-popular BB-8 app-controlled droid a few new 'holograms' from fellow droids C-3PO and R2-D2.

The new dialogue - which we're assuming is from the film - includes C-3PO saying "I've never needed your assistance more than at this moment", "Oh my, this is a calamity!" and "R2-D2, you are a genius."

R2-D2's dialogue is: doo doo DO, [scared grumble a bit like that time I was caught by Jawas], Squeak Squeak CHIRP chirp chirp chirp chirpy chirp!

Yep - dunno about you, but that's completely unlocked the film's plot to us. God-darn spoilers.

Still, it's a nice indicator that more is coming to the cute little toy - now that we've spent a few weeks driving our pets mad and seeing how far it can drop without the head falling off.

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