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Swim through the ocean as a shark with this 4K GoPro footage

Pretend to be a hammerhead shark with this 4K GoPro footage

The life of a hammerhead shark seems pretty fun. It basically involves cruising around the ocean floor, if this 4K footage shot from a GoPro attached to a dorsal fin is anything to go by.

At the start of the video, a diver named Andy Casagrande swims down to the bottom of a shark-infested sea with a GoPro especially configured to be able to clip onto one of the beast's fins.

He spots a hammerhead, who live in the coastal regions of almost every continent on Earth. They have an odd-shaped head, with eyes on flat segments that stick out on either side.

Hammer time

We're not totally sure how the shark evolved its curious shape, but several explanations have been proposed - including better sight, improved manoeuvrability and control of prey. They tend to swim in schools during the day, but become solitary hunters at night.

After swimming about for a bit, the shark discovers that it can fairly easily knock the GoPro off by turning on its side and brushing it against the seabed. But hey, it's a fun ride while it lasts.

Via Sploid

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