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Scorsese: 3D is 'liberating and beautiful'

3D is like dancing, says Scorsese (cue stock image of dancers in 3D)
3D is like dancing, says Scorsese (cue stock image of dancers in 3D)

Martin Scorsese has embraced 3D as a filmmaking tool and has called the format liberating.

In an interview with the Guardian (and spied by SlashFilm), Scorsese explains how he is using 3D in his latest movie Hugo Cabret and how it is changing the way he makes movies.

"Every shot is rethinking cinema, rethinking narrative – how to tell a story with a picture," explains Scorsese.

"Now, I'm not saying we have to keep throwing javelins at the camera, I'm not saying we use it as a gimmick, but it's liberating."

Sculpting 3D

This liberation also adds to complication, with the legendary director saying: "It's literally a Rubik's Cube every time you go out to design a shot, and work out a camera move, or a crane move.

"But it has a beauty to it also. People look like… like moving statues. They move like sculpture, as if sculpture is moving in a way. Like dancers…"

It's great to see someone like Scorsese using the format and his take on 3D will be a wholly different beast from Avatar.

The movie Hugo Cabret is set in the '30s and focuses on an orphaned boy, his late father and, er, a robot.

Via SlashFilm

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