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Pluto (and NASA) get into the Christmas spirit

Pluto green and red

It's Christmas eve, and NASA is helping our galaxy get into the holiday spirit with a special "Christmas Pluto."

Looking very green and red, NASA says the New Horizons composition team used infrared wavelength ranges in blue, green and red color channels to create this Christmas portrait of the dwarf planet.

The image itself, which you can check out in full size here, was taken from about 67,000 miles away on July 14, which was when New Horizons was closest in its flyby of Pluto.

The video that found water ice

NASA today also released a colorful video of Pluto, using images also taken on July 14.

The video, which you can check out below, was recorded by New Horizons' LEISA infrared imaging spectrometer and has been sped up by approximately 17 times.

While it looks like something out of a 1960s sci-fi film, it was the data shown in this video that led to the discovery of water ice on Pluto.

Image credit: NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI