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Play Store update contains Google Glass hints

Google rolled out an update to the Play Store yesterday that suggests Google Glass users may soon have access.

"Google Glass 1" now appears in a drop-down list of devices on the Play Store, although it's greyed out so you won't be able to actually select it even if you have a Google Glass to your name.

It comes with the message, "You have not opened the Google Play Store app recently on this device. Please open it and try again."

So it's not a hugely useful update at the moment but does seem to bear the shape of things to come.


Google Glass currently has its own portal known as My Glass but once it hits the shop shelves, it makes sense for Google to incorporate it into the Play Store alongside its tablet and phone apps.

Exactly when Google Glass will go mainstream is anyone's guess - it's currently in a weird extended semi-public beta whereby competition winners paid $1000 for the privilege of getting hold of the futuristic specs.


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