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McKinnon trial: mother in Barack Obama plea

McKinnon in final plea bargaining
McKinnon in final plea bargaining

Gary McKinnon has lost his latest fight against extradition to the US, making it likely that he will be tried in America for hacking into the country's military system.

McKinnon has been part of a lengthy appeal and despite numerous efforts to bring the trial to the UK, The Crown Prosecution Service has finally dismissed the idea.

For McKinnon this means that if he is found guilty he could face the potential of up to 70 years in prison.

Trial and error

In a final bid to stop the extradition, McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp has written to US President Barack Obama, pleading with him to step in and sort out the legalities of the situation.

Speaking to the Daily Record, she said: "I have written a letter to Barack Obama.

"Barack is a good man and I'm sure if he knew the details of this case he would make sure that Gary does not have to face trial in America.

"Our lawyer Karen Todner has passed the letter to Foreign Secretary David Miliband and it has been passed on to Barack Obama.

"If only there was some way for me to tell the president about this case, I'm sure he would see that it is unjust putting Gary through this hell."

Via Daily Record

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