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Lexus finally revealing its hoverboard next month

Lexus Hoverboard reveal

Ever since it was first announced, we've been chomping at the bit to see more of the Lexus hoverboard.

While previous videos have been all talk and no action, without any footage of people riding the hoverboard to prove it actually works, the Lexus hoverboard's latest video has at least given us a definitive reveal date – August 5.

The new video, which can be viewed below, shows the hoverboard floating above a bed of liquid nitrogen smoke, which is used to keep the board's superconductors and magnets cold enough to create the levitation.

The future is here

Will Lexus deliver a device that lives up to all of our Back to the Future 2-fueled dreams? Will it actually work out in the real world? And, most importantly, will it come in neon pink?

Keen-eyed skateboarding fans will notice that professional skateboarder Ross McGouran makes an appearance in the video – will we get to see him riding the hoverboard?

The answers to these questions (and hopefully more) will be revealed on August 5!

Stephen Lambrechts

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