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Korean hand warmer also charges gadgets

The Digital Tech Touch Stone hand warmer doubles as a gadget charger

It's well known that Korea is catching up with Japan in the harder-edged technologies, particularly wireless networking and mobile computing, but it seems that it's not far behind in the novelty-gadget stakes either. According to Korean technology site AVing , a Seoul-based firm known as Digital Tech has come up with a multi-function pocket hand-warmer.

The Touch Stone is a modern variant on the metal or disposable thermal packs that are popular all over Asia, adding a rechargeable battery and a thermostat to the successful concept. Digital Tech claims a six-hour battery life from each charge of the 102g, 44,000 Won (£25) device.

Sanyo recently launched a similar device in Japan, but that lacks the innovative extra of the Touch Stone, which can also be used to power other devices, such as phones, cameras and audio players. Looks like gadget fans might one day be forced to choose between freezing or listening to one final podcast. J Mark Lytle