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YouTube announces 'Merch Store' for music partners

YouTube's music partners will soon be able to sell their merch directly from the channel

YouTube has announced plans to join forces with its official music partners to offer merchandise, MP3s and concert tickets directly from the artist's channel.

The YouTube Merch Store will mean popular YouTube sensations, and bonafide pop stars alike, can sell official gear as a means of supplementing the income the income they receive from video views.

YouTube isn't doing this by halves either. The site has already teamed-up with the likes of iTunes and Amazon for music downloads, Songkick to sell concert tickets and Topspin for shirts and the like.

In a post on the official YouTube blog, the company says it will be rolling out the Merch Store over the next few weeks.

A boon for the viral superstars

While, the new service will generate a few more quid in earnings for the likes of Lady Gaga (with her 532,000 subscribers) it could be of more benefit to the Rebecca "Friday" Black's of the world.

The many YouTube one hit wonders have often struggled to capitalise financially on their five minutes of fame down the years.

While the advertising partnership scheme for popular uploaders has helped, selling t-shirts and MP3s will surely see revenues increase.

Via: Engadget, YouTube blog