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Hospice charity single hit by iTunes cover version

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Tribute single hits profit for charitable sons

Two Manchester lads who recorded a tribute single and raised £7,000 through iTunes for the hospice that cared for their late mother have seen their efforts undermined by a cover of their song.

Lonely Sky, recorded by teenagers Ben and Jamie Hazelby, has raised a total of £82,500 for St Anne's Hospice, but iTunes proceeds dropped-off when a "tribute" version appeared on the download portal.

The alternate version of the song is appearing above the original in the iTunes listings and it is not known whether producers JWH Records intends to donate their proceeds to the hospital.

Apple investigates

Jamie, 14, says that Apple is investigating and could remove the rival song.

He said: "On iTunes people can post comments and they've been posting 'your Mum would be really proud' and stuff like that."

"They [iTunes] have told us that the company that's done it has five days to prove that they were allowed to release the song before it gets taken off, and all the money goes back to the hospice," added Ben, 17.

The song was recorded with Chris De Burgh on vocals after the two lads featured on TV show Noel's Christmas Presents on December 19th. Ben and Jamie lost their mum to ovarian cancer in January 2009.