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Google eyes smart contact lenses with built-in cameras

Google's latest Glass-related patent sees the tech giant laying claim to the tech that puts tiny cameras into smart contact lenses.

The patent, supposedly coming out of the top secret leaks-on-pain-of-death Google X lab in 2012, outlines a pair of lenses that each incorporate a camera, capable of capturing images and analysing light, colour, patterns, objects, faces and motion.

Supposedly, these smart lenses would be controlled by blinking, and could also incorporate a zoom function giving you superhero style incredi-vision.

Eye caramba!

The patent also outlines a system that could be useful to those with visual impairments - by connecting up to a device that delivers voice alerts, the camera/phone combo can warn if it's not safe to cross a road, for example.

This isn't the first we've heard of Google eying up contact lenses - not only did Google's Glass product head hint that contact lenses are on the way, the last patent that surfaced detailed a pair of lenses that could analyse blood sugar and other biological data from your tears.

Via PatentBolt

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